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Adam and Mikhaila discuss resolving attachment issues in relationships. They also dive into identifying, resolving, and avoiding the creation of attachment issues. Additionally, Adam talks about marriage, divorce, differences in male and female communication, and differences in male and female expectations in committed partnerships.

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Show Notes

[0:00] Intro
[3:30] Psychotherapist, Adam Lane Smith
[5:00] Attachment and its extreme impact on all our relationships
[7:00] Leaning attachment as babies into early childhood
[13:00] Attachment issues with married couples
[17:00] How to work on attachment/communication issues without heading towards divorce
[24:00] Coming back from trust destroying events in a marriage like an affair
[28:00] The progression of a child from anxiety to full-blown personality disorder
[31:00] Bipolar disorder and anxiety from attachment problems
[34:30] Mikhaila talks about her experience with medication for Bipolar Type 2 in childhood
[41:00] Is a male vulnerability with his female partner a turn on or turn off?
[46:00] Adam Lane Smith talks about his writing
[48:30] Smith’s advice for raising kids
[58:00] How you know when to move on from a relationship
[1:01:30] Where to find Adam Lane Smith

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