The Transplant Organ Shortage Lie | Dr. David Weill – Mikhaila Peterson Podcast #81

Mikhaila and Dr. David Weill discuss logistical problems specific to organ transplant healthcare. He talks to Mikhaila about his growing concerns in the medical field related to the misallocation of resources and the high rate of burnout in transplant doctors. Weill lays out his idea for a more sustainable system that would provide more organs for transplant, and additionally reduce rates of burnout in doctors while improving the level of surgical care rendered to transplant patients.

Dr. David Wiell is an organ transplant specialist, family & provider advocate, healthcare consultant, and author. He recently wrote a book Exhale that describes life in transplant surgery and critiques many of the logistical issues with the current system implemented in US healthcare.

Find more Dr. David Weill in his new book Exhale: Hope, Healing, and a Life in Transplant, and on Twitter @davidweillmd

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Show Notes:
[2:30] Mikhaila introduces the guest Dr. David Weill who gives some background on his career and his recent work with organ transplant supply chain issues.
[8:30] Can the rich get organs before a poorer person in the US?
[10:30] What prompted Dr. Weill to write his new book Exhale
[15:30] What is it about the current transport system that does not work?
[17:30] The compensation structure for doctors in America.
[20:00] Racial disparity in the medical system, specifically in transplantation but in general practice as well.
[23:00] logistics of organ distribution for transplants
[27:30] How long can organs last to get to a patient?
[31:00] The role of nonprofits currently in transporting organs
[34:30] Dr. Weill’s suggestions for doctors on how to balance life avoiding burnout in their career.
[37:30] COVID-19 has made an impact on the levels of lung transplants in the US. examining lung transplant technology in Canada
[43:00] The way that the waiting list works for transplant surgeries, Dr. David experiencing waiting for an organ for his father

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