Opposing Views: COVID | Dr. Mercola and Dr. Kamil – Mikhaila Peterson Podcast #77

Mikhaila Peterson hosts Opposing Views: COVID. This week’s guests, Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Jeremy Kamil, cover a variety of topics in the health world and more specifically on COVID-19. Dr Mercola discusses the origin of the COVID-19 virus, lockdown procedures, the great reset, and the vaccine – a view very different from the narrative many of us have encountered. Dr. Jeremy Kamil uses his experience in the world of researching viruses and personal experience working with COVID-19 during this pandemic to formulate conflicting views with Dr. Mercola.

Dr. Joseph Mercola is an American alternative medicine proponent and osteopathic physician. He has published a number of books as well including Fat for Fuel and his newest best-selling book: The Truth About COVID-19 – available here:

Dr. Jeremy Kamil is a researcher who has studied primarily herpes viruses for the last twenty years and currently works for LSU Health. His research team was tasked to work on the COVID-19 virus by the US government early into the pandemic response in 2020.

Find more Dr. Mercola on his website, find his books on Amazon, and on Twitter @mercola

Find more Dr. Jeremy Kamil on Twitter @macroliter, and the LSU Health Shreveport website

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Show notes
[3:00] Dr. Mercola gives background on his career and passion for alternative medicine
[4:30] Mikhaila explains how she came into contact with Dr. Mercola’s body of work when she was very sick as a teenager.
[8:00] Dr. Mercola’s new book on COVID-19 and the great reset.
[14:30] Dr. Mercola outlines his belief on what event 201 was and why COVID-19 was released on the general population being an engineered virus.
[18:30] Dr. Mercola discusses the inconsistencies about discussing the pros and cons of the vaccine solution for COVID-19 and informed consent which is a part of every traditional medicine practice.
[21:30] Alternative solutions aside from a vaccine that were not even considered as viable alternatives.
[27:30] Factors behind the reported numbers of people that have died from COVID-19
[33:00] Dr. Mercola’s thoughts on Google’s part in spreading COVID-19 information
[37:18] Dr. Mercola outlines the current downsides of getting the new COVID-19 vaccines.
[40:00] What an MRNA vaccine is as that is the basis for some of the new COVID-19 vaccines.
[46:00] What Dr. Mercola thinks will happen with vaccine passports.
[48:30] Examining information on the studies done while preparing the vaccine for human use.
[50:00] What his recommendations are for people regarding COVID-19 and vaccines. Modern vegetable oils hatred.
[55:30] Having leverage to start pushing against the mainstream narrative and the difficulties of presenting certain viewpoints on the internet.
[57:30] Have Texas and Florida had problems from reopening?
[1:00:00] What Dr. Mercola feels a reasonable response to the virus would have been.
[1:03:00] Check Dr. Mercola’s site for more information on his recommended treatments if you do become infected with COVID-19. In this short video where he explains his hydrogen peroxide method for treating flu and other symptoms.

[1:07:30] Dr. Jeremy Kamil. Is COVID-19 a flu? Why does there seem to be no cases of the flu this year? Are flu cases being diagnosed as COVID-19 cases?
[1:09:30] Background on the career of Dr. Jeremy Kamil.
[1:13:30] The usual death rate for old people in nursing homes of flu compared to the COVID-19 numbers we are seeing
[1:17:00] What Dr. Kamil believes the proper response to this pandemic should have been?
[1:20:00] Was Texas ever overwhelmed anytime during the pandemic?
[1:22:30] Does the danger of lockdowns outweigh the dangers of becoming infected with COVID-19? Dr. Kamil refers to a article published in lancet journal that shows suicide rates have not increased during lockdowns as most people suspected they would
[1:25:00] The theory to grab power for the elite and disempower the poor by releasing the COVID-19 virus, being commonly referred to as “The Great Reset”.
[1:41:30] Mikhaila voices her concerns with lockdowns and asks Kamil to voice his opinions on lockdowns.
[1:50:00] Why does COVID-19 seem to be so much worse for people with multiple health concerns compared to the healthy?

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