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Episode 7: Zuby: Viral Fame and Ultra-Low Neuroticism

“God has blessed me with this combination of factors and these particular talents and skills, etc. And most people cannot do a lot of the things that I do. So, if I were to sit on that potential, in a religious sense, even to me, that’s almost like a sin.”

Mikhaila sits down with Zuby to discuss his “controversial” tweet that went viral internationally, growing up in Saudi Arabia, making adjustments for the extremities of personality, and raps that are inspired by Jordan Peterson.

Zuby is an independent rapper, podcast host, author, public speaker, and creative entrepreneur, with over 300,000 followers online. He was born in England, raised in Saudi Arabia, and is a graduate of Oxford University. He has sold over 25,000 albums independently, performed in 8 countries, and achieved over 7 million online video views.

Show Notes:

    • [3:00] Born in the UK, grew up in Saudi Arabia, and speaks with an American accent.
    • [4:30] THE deadlift… A viral video that proved a point.
    • [5:30] The tweet exploded, and went viral across many different groups of people
    • [8:30] “Tweets go viral on Twitter all the time, but often the person behind it doesn’t… Whereas in my case, people came along and were like oh, this guy’s interesting, Oh, he’s a rapper. Oh, he’s got a podcast… so a lot of people discovered me because of that, but then they stuck around because they saw okay, this isn’t a one-trick pony.”
    • [9:30] Strong Advice: Zuby’s Guide to Fitness for Everybody
    • [13:30] A day in the life of Zuby, and batching days by theme
    • [16:00] The reality of being hyper-industrious, hyper-conscientious, and low in neuroticism
    • [19:30] Zuby scored in the bottom 2% of negative emotion – sometimes it leads to people feeling like he doesn’t care. But he cares!
    • [22:30] Mikhaila’s YouTube video describing depression and anxiety
    • [23:00] Making adjustments to compensate for the extremes of personality
    • [25:30] Perseverance (link to the music video)
    • [29:30] A lot of rappers say that they “keep it real” but “real” is so overused in hip-hop and a lot of hip-hop is super fake
    • [32:30] 98% of the feedback from the deadlifting tweet was overwhelmingly positive.
    • [36:00] “I make sure that I piss everybody off a little bit. I want to, hopefully, have at least a couple of tweets, which everybody has a problem with.”
    • [38:30] Growing up in Saudi Arabia, Zuby lived there for 19 years and feels that it is a very misunderstood nation.
    • [40:30] The Truth About Saudi Arabia | Real Talk with Zuby Podcast
    • [44:00] People get tribal over everything!
    • [48:00] “I have seen people go on vegan diets and thrive. And I’ve seen people go on vegan diets, and it’s clearly bad for them… It’s not even debatable, right? They just… their health goes to crap.”
    • [50:00] Zuby is considering moving to the United States. But not to LA… he seems to feel like he fits into the Texas feel.
    • [53:00] Zuby is more interested in living in a place with a lot of churches and shooting ranges than he is in a place that highlights smoking weed and partying.