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Mark Hyman – The Pegan Diet | Mikhaila Peterson Podcast

Mark Hyman comes on the podcast to talk about his new book The Pegan Diet. Mikhaila and Mark are able to cover the basic principles of the Pegan diet and additionally foods all people should avoid, dairy for adults, rebuilding gut health, chronic stress and viral immunity, raising kids on the right diet, the theory of the bored immune system, and much more.

Mark Hyman is an American physician and New York Times best-selling author. He is a practitioner of functional medicine. His latest book, The Pegan diet, takes a look at combining many similar principles of the Paleo Diet and the Vegan diet.

Find more Mark Hyman on his website, his books, on Twitter @drmarkhyman, on Instagram @drmarkhyman, and his podcast The Doctor’s Farmacy

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Show Notes:
[4:00​] Mikhaila asks Mark what the basic rules of the Pegan diet consist of.
[6:00​] Mark lists the main foods all people should avoid, no matter what diet you follow.
[8:00​] Dr. Hyman builds a framework around how to think about eating healthy, and how to adjust eating if you are really sick
[16:12​] Mikhaila talks about her recovery using an elimination diet (Lion Diet). What can a person do to address eating with a long term infection or autoimmune disorder
[18:30​] How does Mark Hyman feel about dairy for adults?
[21:30​] Mark outlines his product “gut food” that is a mixture of probiotics, prebiotics, polyphenols, and immunoglobulins
[25:30​] What exactly are Polyphenols, and why are they important for overall health?
[28:00​] The possibly detrimental effects of Antibiotics on the gut biome after an illness.
[31:00​] The implication of chronic stress to lower viral immunity in the body
[35:30​] Mark Hyman elaborates on how the Pegan diet is constructed and followed
[38:00​] Mark’s opinion on finding a functional doctor and using other resources to initiate a journey to recovery
[40:00​] Mikhaila asks Mark how he got into functional medicine
[43:00​] The positive and negative kickback from championing food as medicine in a world of prescriptions and pill intervention.
[44:30​] Exploring the possible complications with having and raising kids on a modern western processed diet.
[49:30​] Theory of the bored immune system and the strange sounding new worm therapy