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“The key with the United States is that the norm is being sick and because that is the norm we don’t have good data on healthy people.”


@Jennette McCurdy (American actress, singer, songwriter, YouTuber, producer, and writer) and I sit down and discuss working as a child actor, her experiences growing up in a Mormon family, how she battled anxiety and eating disorders, why she quit acting, and her current projects.

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Show Notes:
[4:00] Jennette talks about how she got started in child acting and how she was supporting her family at a very young age
[6:30] Growing up in the Mormon religion
[7:30] Both Jennette and Mikhailas parents had miraculous recoveries coinciding with their reinvigorated religious experiences
[10:30] Finding spirituality through health and mushrooms
[12:00] Jennette gives a brief background of Mormonism and how her mother molded a weaved child acting with the church’s purpose.
[15:00] Jennette’s tour of her dark comedy musical one-woman-show entitled, “I’m glad my mom died.”
[17:00] The good and the bad of being a childhood actor.
[20:30] DIfficulties having anxiety and being bombarded by people on the streets
[22:00] Jennette’s experience with Jordan Peterson’s Self Authoring
[23:30] Managing emotions with Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
[26:30] Jordan Peterson’s personality test, “Understand Myself” –
[29:30] Insight’s acquired through mushrooms
[33:00] How Jannette developed anorexia in response to maintaining a childlike figure and how she dealt with it.
[37:00] Dr. Froggy and some of Mikhaila’s uncanny therapy experiences.
[39:00] How writing things down can be used as a form of therapy for traumatic experiences
[41:00] Jannette’s decision to quit acting
[42:30] “Empty Inside” Jannette’s podcast that highlights ways to find fulfillment through talking about uncomfortable topics
[44:00] Using Self Authoring as a practical way to achieve goals
[46:00] How Jennnette chooses her guests for her podcast
[47:30] Suggestions on battling your eating disorder
[49:00] Trigger warnings and the need to face the reality of the good, the bad, and the ugly.
[50:30] Jannette recommends the book Intuitive Eating (A Revolutionary Anti-Diet Approach) by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch to help overcome your eating disorder.
[52:00] Mikhaila’s food journey and learning to listen to body cues when eating
[56:00] “There’s something about art that I can put an end to this thing that there really is no end to. It’s such a nebulous life, weird trauma thing that I can at least find the story in it and move on from it in as much as I can by doing that thing.”
[58:00] Find more of Jennette McCurdy on her website and the social media platform of your choice

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