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Q and A: This Should Alienate Everyone Watching

Hey guys! Apologies for the delay, life got wild there for a minute and I didn’t have my mind in the podcast game. I wanted to wait until I could focus on content to start recording again. I figured I’d start back up with a Q and A and life update before relaunching the podcast next week. In this video, I discussed what’s been going on with me and answered some questions (dating advice, company updates and more). Enjoy!

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[0:00] Intro
[0:38] Life updates – Embracing Christianity, personal growth, companies
[4:24] Marek Health
[6:02] Advice for young people dating
[9:47] What do I do for work?
[16:40] How do I manage to work so much with a baby and a six-year-old?
[22:54] How to survive on one income, with kids
[25:00] What’s my daily routine?
[27:32] Upcoming announcements

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