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Deal with Stress and Trauma Effectively | Mastin Kipp - MP Podcast #101

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Mikhaila is accompanied by Mastin Kipp, a life interventionist for people in transition. Together they discuss trauma, relationships, and how to transform your life rapidly. If you want to learn about the triggers in a relationship, active listening, stress effects on your body, parts work, and more, this episode will have a bunch of helpful info for you.

Mastin Kipp is the creator of Functional Life Coaching™, a personal development company that helps transform people’s lives while building passion and purpose. He is a number one best-selling author who’s been featured on the Emmy Award show and Super Soul Sunday. Oprah Winfrey recognized him as a “thought leader for the next generation”.

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Show Notes
[2:30] Mikhaila introduces this episode’s guest Mastin Kipp, creator of Functional Life Coaching.
[3:00] Mastin Kipp’s background.
[05:00] Functional Life Coaching.
[06:00] What truly is “traditional” and “alternative” medicine.
[07:00] What is trauma?
[09:00] Why one can experience trauma while someone else doesn’t.
[10:30] What happens to the nervous system when someone is traumatized?
[14:30] What stress does to the body.
[16:30] Dr. Steven Porges Polyvagal theory.
[17:30] What it takes for a human being to regulate
[19:00] The upside-down and checking in with the body when you feel disassociated.
[21:30] Fixing yourself vs. working with others.
[23:00] Vicarious trauma “trauma bonding”.
[26:30] What’s the first step if you trigger each other in a relationship?
[29:00] Ellen Badar at the Couple’s Institutes, active listening process.
[36:00] Identifying good therapists and The Couples Institute.
[40:30] Does MDMA improve therapy?
[43:00] What if the idea of therapy is traumatic?
[45:00] Trauma response or a healthy fear of something?
[49:00] Part’s Work 101.
[54:00] Mikhaila does Part’s Work.
[01:01:30] Taking the emotion outside of the body and looking at it.
[01:03:00] Creating more emotional pliability and flexibility.
[01:05:00] The importance of play.
[01:06:30] Find more Mastin Kipp on his website and everywhere else @MastinKipp.
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