Cholesterol Bloodwork After 1 year Carnivore (And Podcast with Robb Wolf)

Here you guys go! I’m not going to delve into the results here quite yet (I will when I get my vitamin/ micronutrients test back. BUT, you can listen to Robb Wolf’s podcast where we discuss these results HERE.) These were done in December, a year after a high fat, all beef diet. Basically, I’m all good. Except for my Vitamin D levels but that’s not because of the diet. That’s most likely a side effect of whatever the underlying Read More

Butcher Box for Canadians = TruLocal

Hey guys! Main info: MIKHAILARIBEYE promo code for TruLocal As you know, I’ve advertised for Butcher Box before. For people in America it’s a great option for sustainable meat options you can order straight to your door. You can cancel any time, and you get a couple of free steaks when you order with me. (Although right now you get a 4lb New York striploin free!) But what about us Canadians? Well TruLocal is honestly AMAZING. I generally don’t like Read More

Bad(ish) News – Spoke Too Soon – Minor Reaction to Antibiotics

Hey everyone, I’m still not depressed from the antibiotics I’ve been taking but I did wake up with quite a bit of joint pain. Like I wrote yesterday, I’ve been taking antibiotics for a week now and last week the tablets were full of gross ingredients like vanilla flavouring, orange dye, starch, sodium laurel sulfate (ick), etc. I found a capsule version instead of a tablet version (those usually have fewer fillers), and have been using gelatin capsules but they Read More

Update February 2019 After Ankle Surgery

Holy smokes guys that month was a wild ride but I’m back! If you don’t want to read about ankle surgery this is what’s coming soon: Coming soon: A year on the all-beef blood-work Microbiome test comparison before and after FMT (need to do the test first but I’m really looking forward to this) Surgery in Switzerland: Surgery went really well. I was awake during it which was honestly incredibly scary. I was very happy to avoid the drugs from Read More

Butcherbox 3 day sale on now Get free bacon and a 4 pound strip loin roast free when you sign up! Available in America only (I’ve found a company in Canada that will do similar things. Stay tuned fellow Canadians!) Cancel anytime. Deal on for 3 days and then it reverts back to two ribeye and bacon when you sign up. Will update everyone on the ankle asap! I’m off morphine. I don’t seem to be reacting to any of the IV meds (pain killers). Read More

Denver Low Carb Conference – March 2019

I was invited to speak at Low Carb Denver 2019, and I’m super excited. I’ll be at the Carnivore Conference March 7, and Low Carb Denver Thursday evening (March 8) and Friday (March 9). After that, I need to fly home to my little one. The conference goes on until March 10th though! Again, like I said in my carnivore conference blog post, these events are a great way to meet people and feel less alone. They’re pretty fun, although Read More

Tammy Peterson – My Mom on Zero Carb

This is my mom after almost a year of mainly beef and some chicken. She also rarely has lobster and rarely has butter. She doesn’t have mood issues (but did when she was eating gluten). She’s had serious gut pain and trouble since she was a little kid. It took her until she was 40 to realize wheat was a problem, and has been wheat free since then. In 2015 I realized it was probably Celiac disease and she got Read More

The First Ever Carnivore Conference – March 2019

I’m going to be speaking at the first conference for the carnivore diet ever. It’s March 7th in Boulder, Colorado. Low Carb Denver is that weekend, so you can hit both if you’re interested (I’ll be speaking there too!) I went to Paleo (fx) last year (April 2018) which was pretty awesome. These conferences are great for showing people with weird food sensitivities (or that are just super health conscious) that they’re not alone. Highly recommended. I’ll write posts about Read More