Denver Low Carb Conference – March 2019

I was invited to speak at Low Carb Denver 2019, and I’m super excited. I’ll be at the Carnivore Conference March 7, and Low Carb Denver Thursday evening (March 8) and Friday (March 9). After that, I need to fly home to my little one. The conference goes on until March 10th though! Again, like I said in my carnivore conference blog post, these events are a great way to meet people and feel less alone. They’re pretty fun, although Read More

Tammy Peterson – My Mom on Zero Carb

This is my mom after almost a year of mainly beef and some chicken. She also rarely has lobster and rarely has butter. She doesn’t have mood issues (but did when she was eating gluten). She’s had serious gut pain and trouble since she was a little kid. It took her until she was 40 to realize wheat was a problem, and has been wheat free since then. In 2015 I realized it was probably Celiac disease and she got Read More

The First Ever Carnivore Conference – March 2019

I’m going to be speaking at the first conference for the carnivore diet ever. It’s March 7th in Boulder, Colorado. Low Carb Denver is that weekend, so you can hit both if you’re interested (I’ll be speaking there too!) I went to Paleo (fx) last year (April 2018) which was pretty awesome. These conferences are great for showing people with weird food sensitivities (or that are just super health conscious) that they’re not alone. Highly recommended. I’ll write posts about Read More

Ankle Surgery January 2019

For those of you wondering, I’ve paused my consultations for a while. I really love doing them but I’m swamped. I am writing a book that should be an easier way for people to get the info they need, for a cheaper price. The Carnivore Diet How-To Guide is coming soon! Part of the reason I paused the consults is because I am getting ankle surgery January 15th 2019 in Switzerland. I finally found a surgeon who can supposedly fix Read More

Products for a Heavy Meat Diet

Hi everyone! Happy New Year!!! 2019. Cray. I’ve made this post because it’s World Carnivore Month this January. If you’re looking to give the diet a try, there’s a lot of support out there on social media so why not now! Joe Rogan is even apparently finally giving it a go! Just remember, if you’re trying to get rid of depression or an autoimmune disorder, it’s best to go all meat instead of keeping eggs and dairy. As you guys Read More

December 2018 Life Update

Merry Christmas!!! First things first. 2018 has been the best year of my life. I’ve been basically asymptomatic, off of all medications, and feeling better than I ever thought possible. I haven’t been depressed since last February. That’s coming up on a year free of depression. I literally didn’t think that was possible. This Christmas was the best my Dad and I have felt ever. That should be the takeaway here. It’s winter, we aren’t on antidepressants and we had a Read More

Part of the food mystery potentially solved?

So like I wrote in this blog post, I have been searching for the underlying cause of what my and my father’s problems are. Why we can’t eat anything except for meat without having serious autoimmune and mood problems. I haven’t gotten less sensitive on this diet so it’s not purely a gut healing problem. Guess what I tested positive for? C. Difficile. I tested for Lyme (waiting for results), and some other things, but I also tested for C. Read More

Botox/Fillers for Sensitive Humans

Botox and Flare-ups: I’ve been getting botox in my frown lines since I was 23. It was originally my mom’s idea actually. Thanks mom, seriously. Glaring used to be my go-to facial expression. If I was thinking, concentrating, angry, upset, literally all I did was glare. I’m positive this was because I was overwhelmed with negative emotion/ miserably depressed. You can see depression etched on people’s faces eventually. My first botox appointment was October 2015, a month after I first Read More