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    Ligia Brubaker

    I was born and raised in Romania, moved briefly to Hungary as a child, back to Romania, then lived in England while college lasted and now I live in the U.S.
    I am 34 years old. I have been a vegetarian for 3+ years, I have been gluten free for 5+ years (and then craved and gave in and my condition got way worse). I tried countless diets. I had issues with my joints, bones, breathing since I know myself. I have done tests back in Romania, I have some enzymes missing from my body, they say. But that was about 7-8 years ago, when the conclusion was that I need to go gluten-free, and no one looked more into the tests. Turns out, I am reacting to under 5 grams of carbs / daily intake. I am now on day 4 of this no-carbs diet, I eat meat only. My younger brother cannot handle well carbs at all, but he can handle very low carbs foods like celery, spinach. (Last veggie I reacted to was cauliflower and I had a horrendous reaction to pepper.) My dad had a very rare blood condition, Polycythemia Vera; I am not sure if mine and my brother’s issues are a consequence of it, but it very well might be so.

    I am hoping after 60 days I will be able to reintroduce some very low carbs veggies.

    Thank you for putting out the info, Mikhaila, and a special thank you to your dad for raising a lady like you and for all the work that he does. Me and my husband (who – in his attempts to help me figure out what is happening – discovered your father and also your health case) are following the materials that you two put out there. I would have kept thinking that I am crazy believing that I am allergic to everything, lest you spoke. (In fact, when I brought it up with doctors, they did tell me that what I am saying is literally impossible. It is impossible to react to all carbs. Well, well, well… I guess impossible is nothing.)

    I have recently started keeping a daily diary at wwww.60daysofmeat.wordpress.com

    Keep it up! Your work might seem minor to others, but for those who deal with serious health issues, it is a very good resource.

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