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    Greetings everyone!

    I’m 50, and from Charleston, SC. Big Jordan Peterson fan here. I happened upon this diet when YouTube suggested Mikhaila’s, Joe Rogan video. I can’t begin to explain the light bulbs that flashed on in my head while watching that.

    So of course I tried it the next day. Five days in now, and I’m literally stunned at the experience.

    * I’ve lost nearly ten pounds.

    * Had been experiencing a bad brain fog which has all but vanished.

    * My shoulder and ankle pain are vanishing

    * My feet no longer stink (bet y’all haven’t heard that one yet), which I would guess is a result of fermenting sugars in one’s sweat.

    * I’ve given up on my beloved sweets. And effortlessly I might add

    * Same with beer. Which was usually 3 imperial IPAs/day…which are strong. Again, effortlessly

    * My teeth are improving daily. It’s literally like old plaque runs away when there’s no residual sugar left to feed it. I’m not positive but I think I’ve quit grinding my teeth in my sleep too.

    * My skin looks much younger

    * Depressed for the last five years, maybe more. It has lifted. And it was looking grim. Nearing the point of agoraphobia.
    …Little side note here to explain where I was when I started the diet: found out two weeks prior, via DNA test, that my 18 yr old daughter was not mine. 0.00% chance I was the father. And her mother had known. And I had been paying child support for the past 15 years! So needless to say I was in a bad place. But I suddenly sprang to life on day two of the diet!

    * I now spring out of bed every morning and have become super productive. I no longer avoid outings or social experiences.

    Ok, I could go on and on and I plan to add more later. But I had to come here and say “thank you” for sharing your experience, Mikhaila. I really feel like you saved my life and I’m forever grateful.

    – Dubs


    Herb Martin


    You are seeing even more improvements than I am (but then I wasn’t that distressed to start, just trying to lose some weight, when I found other things getting better — see my post elsewhere on this forum.)

    My dentist also noted unprompted that my gums had greatly improved after six months on carnivore.

    Even having done 0-carb quite a bit, and trying to do really conscientious dental care the dentist never was happy with the results for the past few years — until this last six months on carnivore.

    It was one of the surprises I never even expected.

    <sarcasm alert>
    In fact, if you believe the “nutritionists” we all have scurvy and will die any day now. 🙂 🙂 🙂



    Thanks Herb! Glad to hear you’re experiencing improvements as well.

    On a side note, and I may start another thread on this, but I just overcame a day and a half long headache. I assumed it was some sort of keto-flu symptom. But even after some Advil I couldn’t kick it. So thinking I might have a fever I took my temperature and was shocked to find it at 95.6! I started freaking out. After doing some research I first tried drinking some salt water. I have been using Himalayan Pink Salt on everything which is not iodized, so I tried regular salt in my water. I also took some magnesium and potassium which I thought I might be low on. Still had a headache and low temp an hour later. So I grabbed some old Nascent Iodine I had in the cabinet and took three drops. Ten minutes later I was normal and my body temp was up close to 97. I think lower temps and this diet go hand in hand but mine was lower than I was comfortable with. So take this for what it’s worth. I haven’t been taking any multivitamins. I’m thinking that keeping a close eye on electrolytes is important because we’re peeing out a lot of stuff. And maybe the iodine thing could be important for some people. It’s possible I’ve done some damage to my thyroid over the years but Drs have always laughed at me when I’ve suggested it because they don’t see any visual indicators.
    Take care – Dubs


    Herb Martin

    The following is mostly supposition: I’ve long found myself feeling cold when I go full keto. My presumption is that my body switches (for a time) to conserving fuel and lowers the temperature.

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