Suffered from pain until my nerves burned out.

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    Brother Boles

    I am trying my best. I was hit by a car in 1973 at age 15 and suffered from pain everyday since. I self medicated until opioids quit working but 800 milligrams of morphine at a time can do that. I am now 61 and literally my pain nerves simply burned out or it could be one of the 14 concussions I have had. Who knows these things. I was watching YouTube and started watching this man and my words were coming out of his mouth. I then realized it was Dr. Jordan Peterson and not me it’s just we think exactly alike and have studied all the same books so I was listening to someone say things I thought for years myself but NO ONE wanted to hear it or understand it. I watched everything I could find by him and it became weird how much we were alike except I think violence is a good tool if justified. He discussed his daughter so I had to find out about her. Figured he raised a nut because I did but to my surprise a well grounded, logical and rational person who has suffered greatly and that I can relate too as well. I am disabled and raising my twin 9 year old grandchildren since their birth by myself. I suffer pain everyday from general arthritis but hey at least I am alive to endure another day. Peace Charles M Boles, Minister & Christian Counselor


    Annie Martin

    I can relate to some of what you wrote but I feel that after you decide to turn your own life around and see only positive things it will be better for yourself and your grandchildren.

    My youngest son was very very ill for many years. I was vulnerable and I wasn’t my parents favourite so was not thought well about.But after burning myself out to having long term problems….. you and me…….may see ourselves in the same thought process……

    You need to find support. You must be stronger. Not just for you but for your beautiful Granddaughters.
    Why don’t you get a piece of paper and write out your support system. List 1, as your general Doctor and 2. as your medication.
    Turn our lives around is a choice and one where you will see more benefits in your own life
    Thanks for writing……


    Brother Boles


    I am fine I was just venting. Thank you for your concern

    Brother Boles

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