Feb 13, 2019 YouTube Video – update and q and a

Hit subscribe to follow the new videos! Just a quick update and some Q and A’s. Follow me on Instagram to ask questions for next time! Related posts: Jerky recipe on YouTube (new video out!) YouTube video from the Carnivore Conference. FMT video update (among other things!) Update February 2019 After Ankle Surgery YouTube Video with Depression to Expression

Bad(ish) News – Spoke Too Soon – Minor Reaction to Antibiotics

Hey everyone, I’m still not depressed from the antibiotics I’ve been taking but I did wake up with quite a bit of joint pain. Like I wrote yesterday, I’ve been taking antibiotics for a week now and last week the tablets were full of gross ingredients like vanilla flavouring, orange dye, starch, sodium laurel sulfate (ick), etc. I found a…


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