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Main info: MIKHAILARIBEYE promo code for TruLocal

As you know, I’ve advertised for Butcher Box before. For people in America it’s a great option for sustainable meat options you can order straight to your door. You can cancel any time, and you get a couple of free steaks when you order with me. (Although right now you get a 4lb New York striploin free!)

But what about us Canadians?

Well TruLocal is honestly AMAZING.

I generally don’t like grass-fed meat, and I don’t like frozen meat. I was sent a free box from TruLocal and I ordered their lamb, bison, steaks, ground beef, and roasts. I was seriously blown away by the quality of frozen meat. Like I said, I’m super picky and don’t usually like frozen meat.

I mean look at the marbling on this!!

Wow. I’m not even kidding, their ribeye (I had the grain finished, not grass-fed) was better than Whole Foods ribeye. Whole Foods can be on the lean side which is super annoying but is still very tasty.

Now to be perfectly honest, when you figure out the price of the meat in the box, there are cheaper options. But if you want serious convenience and very tasty meat, try it out. Again, you can cancel anytime, it’s basically the Canadian version of Butcher Box.

I’m 100% going to be ordering my steaks from them from now on so I don’t have to go to Whole Foods. Their ground beef was good too, and the lamb was good and so were the bison burgers. Obviously ribeye was my favourite but second up were the bison burgers.

And of course it’s packed with dry ice so it stayed solidly cold all afternoon. And then I got to play with dry ice. It was an all around great experience.

Their bone broth has added ingredients (vegetables and spices), so don’t get it if you’re doing carnivore. A lot of their meat is marinated so check the ingredients!!

They gave me a discount code for you guys: MIKHAILARIBEYE

The promo code gets you: 20$ off, and get 2 free ribeyes!

If you try a small box you get 1 free ribeye.

Just enter in MIKHAILARIBEYE in the promo code box.

A bit of a backstory on TruLocal:

They basically connect you to local farmers. They have farmers in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta (but they ship everywhere in Canada). This is a really neat idea because it supports local farmers. Hormone and antibiotic free, super tasty, and sustainable. Honestly, I’m in it for the taste mainly and I’m sold. Let me know what you guys think of it below if you end up ordering.

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