This is a testimony from someone I’ve been communicating with for quite a while. Low carb wasn’t quite enough for her.
“Hi Mikhaila
This is my testimony. Please don’t include my name. Thanks for changing my life.
I’m 28 and female. I was suffering from so many autoimmune disorders since I was a kid including eczema, horrible rashes that covers my entire body, never-ending itchiness, severe acne on my face, cystic acne on the bikini area (Hidradenitis Suppurativa), back pain, extreme PMS, bladder inflammation (always feeling like I have to pee), depression, crying, anger, and self-harm despite taking anti-depressants, constant bloating and diarrhea, IBS, excess weight, intense sugar cravings, arthritis in my ankles and wrists, ovarian cyst, acid reflux, allergies, early graying of hair, tooth decay, and gingivitis.
 All these horrible problems are gone since I went carnivore. Back then I was following a supposedly healthy low fat diet full of whole grains, nuts, fruits, and veggies with meal-planning and calorie counting. Through an elimination process, I found that I had severe inflammatory reaction to gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, legumes, nuts, and grains, but I could tolerate a few fruits and root vegetables. I still had intense sugar cravings, so tried keto, but I was never 100% symptom-free until I went full carnivore.
One of the biggest reliefs for me is the psychological freedom on a carnivore way of living. I used to make a new diet plan, uncontrollably binge on carbs soon after, and then force myself to throw up (Bulimia). It left me feeling ashamed, powerless and addicted. It took me a while to heal from the dieting mindset and let myself eat meat freely without guilt. My carb cravings were gone after two weeks and my appetite regulated itself quickly. I feel so good and advanced so much in my career and personal life recently.”


  1. Dan on April 27, 2018 at 11:22 am

    wow. And I tried ZC (keto initially) simply to try to focus better after deciding enough was enough with pharmaceutical stimulants. I do ZC but I eat higher fat than the typical ZC’er. Just for the focus/energy benefits and ketones, ZC/keto is 100% worth it.

    • Richard on April 28, 2018 at 1:49 am

      Dan, what do you tend to eat to get higher fat?

      • Mauro on April 30, 2018 at 1:50 pm

        I am not Dan but maybe it can help :p

        Usually I eat more whole eggs/cheese (if you like it), fattiest meat cuts and offal. For people that do not like much offal like brain or liver, I discovered SWEETBREADS which are utterly delicious!
        Otherwise I just enjoy a piece of grassfed butter here and there :p

  2. reggie on April 27, 2018 at 12:24 pm

    Here’s the link to a vegan documentary soon to be released and researching the benefits of a vegan diet:
    Even Arnold Schwarzeneger promotes veganism …. ?

    • Andrés on April 27, 2018 at 1:53 pm

      It looks like you need to be very careful with your diet as a vegan to avoid dietary deficiencies.
      For your own sake, check these article from someone who went through all the food studies under the sun and has these suggestions for vegans:
      I wish you good luck and a long, ideology-free life. 😉

      • Healthy Living on April 28, 2018 at 4:08 pm

        Whole grain plant-based is not Vegan.

        Plant-based is:

        – No Refined Sugar.

        – No Processed Food.

        – No Meat, Eggs or Dairy.

        – No oil.

        – Limited nuts.

        Many vegans eat fast food, soda, and other nasties. Which is not a healthy diet.

        * Whole Food plant-based diet will require B12 and D3 as supplements.

        You can also add Turmeric, Flaxseed to your daily diet.

      • Dylan Bishop on April 30, 2018 at 12:11 pm

        You do not need to be very careful on a vegan diet (it’s safer in every dimension compared to diets that include animal products). All diets should exclude as much refined sugar as possible and include vitamins D and B12 supplements and also some omega-3 supplement.

        • Mauro on April 30, 2018 at 1:54 pm

          I just wonder how can you consider better in every aspect a diet that BY DEFAULT needs supplementation. By the way which aspect is better for, because latest researches show that vegetables are mostly neutral to improvement or damage to our body, barring extremely specific individuals obviously.

          • Dylan Bishop on April 30, 2018 at 10:57 pm

            Mauro all diets require supplementation to be complete, notice above how I noted “All diets should…”. The only thing that a vegan diet is missing COMPARED to diets that include animal products is B12, but most people are deficient in B12 anyway… and vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids (their ratio of fatty acids isn’t a healthy one that is, and thus require omega-3 supplements for a complete diet).

            I’m not sure what you’re trying to say in the second half of your comment but a vegan diet is better for health in ALL aspects. Consider first the fact that the number one killer on earth is heart disease, and that the ONLY causal risk factor of heart disease is cholesterol, which is found only in animal products (and humans already produce the required amount of cholesterol for themselves by default and ingesting more cholesterol does nothing but clog your arteries).

          • Dat on May 2, 2018 at 4:56 pm

            Dietary cholesterol is not in any way related to blood cholesterol.

            Just like eating fat doesn’t automatically make you fat.

            Dietary cholesterol is excreted through the urine.

          • Leah on May 3, 2018 at 2:13 pm

            As a vegan of 15 years I had high cholesterol and a 3.25:1 Tri>HDL ratio… not good. 2 weeks into Keto… I feel pretty great. Weight is falling off. I plan to have my blood work done again in a few months.

        • Roger Bird on May 2, 2018 at 9:57 am

          Dylan Bishop, you are way off base. Lots and lots of people do spectacularly on the carnivorous diet with no supplementation whatsoever. You are agenda driven. Do you feel guilty about leaving your puppy in your car in the hot sun.

          • Healthy Living on May 2, 2018 at 10:48 am

            Roger Bird –

            – Vitamin D, There are only three ways to get it into your body.

            a. Go into the sun, and your body will produce it naturally.

            b. Eat animals, which were hit by the sun.

            c. Take supplements.

            *The vast majority of people are low on Vitamin D. Depression is a symptom of such a deficiency.*

            – Vitamin B12

            No fungi, plants, or animals (including humans) are capable of synthesizing vitamin B12.

            a. Eat animals, which produced B12 in there intestinal tract.

            b. Take supplements.

            *Most people are deficient.*

            – Omega 3,6,9 and EPA, DHA

            a. Eat seaweed, Flaxseed or other plants which contain it.

            b. Eat Fish which ate seaweed.

            c. Take supplements.

            “Lots and lots of people do spectacularly on the carnivorous diet with no supplementation whatsoever. ”

            What is the Average lifespan for a Doctor in the USA?

            58 years.

            What percentage of Americans are Obese?


            What was the percentage in 1918?


            In 1950?


            Americans eating the SAD(Standard American Diet) tend to die up to 15 years earlier than somebody on a Plant-based diet.

            Cancer and Heart disease are at the highest rates in recorded history. Despite having the most advanced technology in history.

          • Leah on May 3, 2018 at 2:16 pm

            The SAD has nothing to do with being a carnivore. The SAD is refined sugars and carbohydrates speckled with tortured animals and GMO corn & soy.

            Look at traditional diets around the world. There are entire civilizations of people who eat only animals and have no obesity or heart disease.

          • Dylan Bishop on May 3, 2018 at 6:10 pm

            Leah I don’t know why the site wont let me reply to you, but I’ll just put it here. I’m gunna break down everything you just said because it’s all false.

            People on he SAD diet eat animal products with virtually every meal. Refined sugars aren’t good for anyone but there’s nothing innately wrong with carbohydrates. It’s important to note where you’re getting your carbohydrates from, but aside from that it’s the cleanest and most efficient way to fuel your body. You then implied that animals are tortured for us to produce vegetables. You’re comparing the handful of animals who live a full life and are generally cared for then die in service to a farmer to the hundreds of billions of animals who live short (many killed the day of birth) lives filled with nothing but chronic incessant suffering. I hope you can see the absurdness on every level. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with soy, it’s perfectly safe for the vast majority of people; and there’s nothing inherently wrong with GMOs (also you could just read what you buy like a self respecting person).

            Lastly you claim there are plenty of animal only eating civilizations around the world and they have no heart disease (the #1 killer in the world across all civilization today). I’d be VERY interested to see one such civilization. Please provide one. And make sure they live long enough to develop heart disease in the first place.

          • Wiksteria on May 8, 2018 at 7:46 pm

            Dylan I’m a little late to the party but still stumbling over “the number one killer on earth is heart disease.” Care to provide a source for that gem?

            As to the vegan diet being better for health in all aspects, tell me, how do you feel about fossil fuels and air quality because a large portion of the world can only get vegetables and fruit fresh year round (or a large diversity of them even) or even frozen because of trucking. There is also the fact of the equivalent of slave labor (ask those that harvest your vegetables and fruits – even organic – how well they get paid and if that backbreaking labor is good for their health while you munch your tropical fruits and fresh mesculin mix) being utilized in many areas to harvest your produce. I was vegan, and it always amazes me how short sighted vegans can be. Being vegan almost killed me and destroyed my stomach acid. If you don’t digest plants or you get inflammation from them it doesn’t matter how good the idealic diet is, it won’t work for you. You know what else amuses me, many vegans are huge proponents of organic (if they are health based vegans) and yet all meat is bad. I don’t get it. They know organic kale is way healthier as a rule if for no other reason then the lack of topical pesticides. Not all meat is created equal. Just like not all plants are. CAFO beef has an omega 6:3 ration of around 20:1 (highly inflammatory…shocking it would cause heart disease… must be the meat not the inflammation it promotes) where grass fed is around 2:1 which is an ideal EFA ratio.

          • Dylan on May 10, 2018 at 9:58 pm

            Wiksteria, this format is awkward but I’m willing to have the conversation.

            The source you asked for: – ischemic heart disease (damage to the coronary arteries generally caused by plaque build of from ingesting cholesterol) killed 1 in 4 people in 2010 up from 1 in 5 in 1990.

            Your next point is interesting considering that the animal agriculture industry is the #1 contributer to climate change by FAR and vegans are targeting that industry principally, and that a vegan diet’s footprint is a small fraction of a SAD or omnivorous diet. The sources are endless I can’t provide just one, vegan activists and documentaries boast this constantly, you’re severely ignorant on this topic it seems. Simply google “animal agriculture and the environment”.

            Please provide a source for the claim of slave labor in the agriculture industry. Otherwise I’m not sure “but farming is a hard job” is an argument. Especially with the ridiculous tech advancements in agriculture.

            You’re the shortsighted one, patently. Eating plant products did not destroy your stomach acid, your poor vegan diet did. I urge you to see what a grass fed facility is and how it operates. Also it wouldn’t matter if meat had the perfect omega fatty acid ratio, because it contains cholesterol, which is the ONLY causal risk factor of the #1 cause of death in the world. Poor omega ratio, smoking, saturated fat, etc. are all risk factors and unhealthy in their own right but with healthy cholesterol levels (unachievable in the presence of dietary cholesterol as it causes cholesterol spikes even in small amounts) heart disease will still not manifest.

          • Wiksteria on May 10, 2018 at 10:47 pm

            Dylan, on a cursory reading the quote I pulled out is “Ischaemic heart disease and stroke collectively killed 12·9 million people in 2010, or one in four deaths worldwide.” This does not prove your point as strokes are grouped in with the ischaemic heart disease. It says noting about the strokes being related to clogged arteries. This also appears to essentially be a meta study, which does bring together some important information but it is published data which relies on western standards (accurate record keeping being a big one). And it’s making some lofty claims stating that it’s cataloging and analyzing 200 and whatever causes globally (the assumption being that’s even possible and all governments, munacipalities, tribes and communities keep track like we do in first world countries). I also didn’t see them point to ancause of the Ischaemic heart disease, and any good scientist knows correlation does not mean causation.

            I’m curious, have you ever looked into what goes into growing anything. I was vegan. As a rule they (as a group with a set ideology) like to look for simple explanations to complex problems. If you look at vegetable farming you have to factor in forest clearing (heavy fossil fuel consumption – also an issue with industrial animal farming and in no fan of industrial anything soo let’s get that clear right now), water consumption for irrigation, plastic usage and fossil fuel usage for irrigation/harvesting/high tunnels and pesticide/herbicide application (as well as general maintainable of machinery), soil amendments (manufacture and trucking of those), trucking/shipping of end product across the United States or world to the consumer, mining of minerals used in amendments (copper sulfate is derived from copper and must be mined). Inorganic amendments are either mined or man-mad, man-mad products are often energy consumptive which is often either fossil fuel energy or nuclear (or hydro in some areas).

   Not a great source but a good starting point. I think I got my first article from ORganic Consumers Association but can’t find it, and it’s not just conventional industrial farmers doing this.

            Ad hominem doesn’t interest me. Perhaps ask me about my diet before you make assumptions that I was a chip and pasta vegan. Again, I am no friend to industry farming. But I am a farmer so I know a thing or two about farming and healing soil with intensively managed, small scale farming. Look up Allen Savoy or Geoff Lawton and read about what they are doing with an open mind. Your whole argument is based on “cholesterol is the devil” obviously you believe that. I don’t see the world that way, but then again I decided to step outside the vegan ideology and think for myself instead of believing everything I saw in Earthlings, Forks Over Knives etc. they have an agenda, doesn’t mean what they share is invalid just that it needs to be taken in perspective.


          • Dylan on May 11, 2018 at 3:48 pm

            Wiksteria strokes are generally caused by a similar issue as heart attacks but instead of inside of a coronary artery it’s an artery supplying the brain with blood and oxygen (it’s still caused by a build up of plaque from unhealthy cholesterol levels, which is why they are grouped). How are you going to sit here and try to debate me about this stuff when you don’t even know this. Of course it doesn’t point to the causes of ischaemic heart disease because it’s not a study of ischaemic heart disease. here is a list of studies and articles by the first doctor to provably reverse heart disease and he did it by putting his patients on a low fat whole-food vegan diet. There are pictures of shrived up arteries ready to fail that restored themselves over time after switching to the diet. The evidence is unmistakable.

            Vegans don’t do anything “as a rule” unless that rule is saying no to animal products. That is it, veganism isn’t an identity it’s a identifier and a movement. You’re already off on the wrong foot by calling it an “ideology”. It’s not an ideology anymore than the idea and movement of stopping slavery or eradicating a worldwide epidemic which kills 1 in 4 people or saving the environment. You say “i was vegan” as if it means anything, as if you once “identified with vegans” and now you see how the whole lot of them are wrong, when it simply isn’t like that.

            “you have to factor in forest clearing” No you’re already wrong, the vast majority of crops we use are used to feed the billions of animals that we eat. If we didn’t eat animals we would already have far more than enough crops to feed people (so lets get that clear right now).

            “water consumption for irrigation” Tell me where do you think more than half of our water goes? Do you think these billions of animals have evolved past the need for water? I wont continue quoting this paragraph because the answer is we do everything you mentioned far far more NOW than we would need to if we stopped farming animals. You seriously need to watch “Cowspiracy”, it’s free and I urge you to check it out.

            The source you linked and its “slaves” are illegal immigrants or impoverished farmers in Mexico, and it’s on a very small scale. This is simply not substantial and even the article says there’s no way of knowing how widespread it is. This is simply not strong enough evidence to make an argument for not buying tomatoes.

            That wasn’t an ad hom I was throwing the accusation of shortsightedness back at you. It would have been an ad hom if afterwards I said “so you’re wrong” instead of then explaining how you were wrong like I did.

            I do not see “cholesterol as the devil”. I see it as unhealthy, which it patently is. If your stomach acid or whatever got messed up after switching your diet, then YES the problem WAS your poor vegan diet, because on a vegan diet you can continue to get everything you need, the only vitamin that is included in a omnivorous diet that isn’t in a vegan diet is B12, which meat eaters are still deficient in anyway and it’s a generally required supplement to complete nearly everyone’s diet. So when I assume something you can be sure it’s because I know what I’m talking about.

            You finish by saying once again that I’m blinded by ideology and you say that vegan activists have an agenda, but then you don’t say what that agenda is. They do, and agenda is to stop animal agriculture and pointless animal suffering. It’s not even good for us to be doing this to them, it’s complete madness. I haven’t even been vegan that long and I only arrived here after the better part of a year of educating myself on nutrition and the animal agriculture industry, empirically. So maybe you’re the one who needs to put the breaks on their assumptions.

          • Wiksteria on May 13, 2018 at 9:29 pm

            Dylan, I’m glad you are a pro in nutrition after a year of research and not being a vegan very long. I’ve been where you are, it worked for me briefly too. It totally messed up my hormones (to the point that I couldn’t conceive, and I’m not the only one this has ever happened to…look up Kristen’s Raw) and my stomach acid and I was not doing it wrong. You are really good at seeing correlation as causation so unfortunately this is where our conversation ends. Veganism is based on a set of beliefs that vegans cheeey pick science to prove. It’s an ideology. The fact that you can openly dismiss human suffering because there aren’t enough people suffering or because they are illegal immigrants is highly disturbing and more proof that you are steeped in ideology. Good luck with that. I have over 10 years of research and practice under my belt, have healed my body of a number of illnesses, manage two autoimmune diseases with diet and lifestyle alone (ie no meds) and have done it all on my own by not accepting “Cowspiracy” documentaries as the authority and trusting my own body as the authority. If what I was doing was bad, I wouldn’t be healing. One year as vegan is not an acceptable podium to pontificate from. Your body hasn’t even had time to use up all its nutrient stores at this point. It works for people because they pull out CAFO meat, which is loaded with toxins and stress hormones (stored in fat) from poorly cared for and poorly treated animals fed food that is not evolutionarily appropriate. That is literally the equivilant of the fast food folks who survive on fast food. Inflammation is the root, not cholesterol (which is why the vegan diet works at least briefly, because it removes many of the top inflammatory foods due to their quality, EFA profiles and source not due to the foods themselves). And correlation isn’t causation. Matt Monarch and Gabriel Cousins are the only two long term vegans I can think of. They both live in warm climates and eat predominantly local foods. Do some research on the Vikings if Greenways diet. Scandanavians, Inuit, read Weston A Prices books to get an alternate perspective. And think for yourself because I’d be willing to bet you don’t want those who fund “Cowspiracy” thinking for you. I’m not saying dismiss it, but also don’t take it as gospel…it’s not.

          • Dylan on May 14, 2018 at 1:16 pm

            It doesn’t take long to educate yourself on nutrition because as it turns out we’ve been researching our body and food for a long time, and the science is clear and widely available. It hasn’t worked for me “briefly” it’s been working for over a year for me. The only problem I had was not getting enough calories at the beginning of the switch (due to lazyness).

            Please provide some scientific justification for your assertion that a vegan diet caused you to become unable to conceive a child. I’ve never heard of such a thing. Plant based, fully vegan diets have been declared safe for all life stages including pregnancy many times now. They have no adverse effect on hormones whatsoever (unlike a diet that includes animal products and thus mammalian hormones in your food). You’d have to eat something like 18 servings a day of straight soy to begin seeing adverse effects according to the science.

            “You are really good at seeing correlation as causation so unfortunately this is where our conversation ends.” The only time I’ve mentioned causation this entire dialogue was over heart disease. Do yourself a favor and educate yourself about the #1 killer on our planet since you wont take my word for it. The only causal factor of heart disease is cholesterol, everything else just increases the risk and draws artery failure closer (this is the difference between causation and correlation, which you just asserted that I’m confused about).

            Veganism isn’t a “set of beliefs”, again. It’s one idea based on heaps and heaps of empirical data. An idea that with each comment you attempt to undermine without even once providing a source or even a coherent theory against. Your science is cheeky not ours.

            I didn’t dismiss human suffering, at all. Your source was simply absurd and even the article itself admitted to not having all the information. I’m not saying there aren’t people being enslaved to produce tomatoes, but there are people being enslaved all over the world, and you pick out a tiny group of them and point it towards veganism as if it justifies your purchase of dead animals. Now THAT is ideology and indoctrination.

            If you had 10 years of research under your belt you wouldn’t provide sources like the one, the only one that you’ve provided. That’s complete bullshit. I’m glad your got your health sorted out, really, but if you did it through research of empirical data then you’d have provided some of it by now. You did it through health gurus and trial and error instead of educating yourself on the facts of nutrition.

            “done it all on my own by not accepting “Cowspiracy” documentaries as the authority and trusting my own body ” Okay well Cowspiracy isn’t about nutrition so I’m not sure what you’re on about. You’re so lost.

            “If what I was doing was bad, I wouldn’t be healing”. There it is. Your health, Wiksteria, isn’t “good or bad”, it’s a gradient. You can improve on a bad diet, and it still be bad, but see improvements to health. The faults of your diet don’t kill your quickly or painfully. You can change your diet and become healthier, but if your diet is still bad it will still kill you in the long run. That is why educating yourself on the facts of nutrition are important, and why you’re not even fit to be having this debate.

            “One year as vegan is not an acceptable podium to pontificate from”. Except by all dietary standards it absolutely is enough time. My experience as a vegan has followed the science directly. This wont be true for everyone switching to a vegan diet, but the most fundamental thing to understand about a vegan diet is that there’s nothing that isn’t available to you that is available on a different diet.

            Non-CAFO animal products still include cholesterol, they still include highly saturated fats, they still cause the pointless death and suffering of animals, they still contribute to the decline of our environment. This is why I suggested Cowspiracy to you.

            Yes inflammation is the cause, you’re right. Did you know that the inflammation is caused by cholesterol impacting itself inside your arteries, which leads to more cholesterol being caught, which leads to more inflammation which eventually leads to a failure of your arteries?

            “Matt Monarch and Gabriel Cousins are the only two long term vegans I can think of”. Really because I can think of about a dozen including many body builders in athletes. A simple google search would broaden your scope to more than two vegans. Your abject ignorance on this topic rears its head again.

            I do not let Cowspiracy think for me. I watched it one time and I don’t want to watch it again. I mentioned it here for no other reason than you are simply not educated enough to be having this debate and it’s a good documentary. I asked you to put the breaks on your assumptions and you couldn’t do it. This conversation is over.

          • Wiksteria on May 14, 2018 at 2:27 pm

            I’m wondering if perhaps I should call it your dogma and not ideology. Either way, I’ve been there.

    • Kay on April 28, 2018 at 11:58 am

      Imagine seeing someone go into remission from severe autoimmune issues and depression and thinking “hmm yeah but you should actually do the opposite because Arnold Schwarzeneger says so”.

      No one asked. If you feel good eating a vegan diet, by all means do that! But stop pushing it on others who feel 100x better doing precisely the opposite. It is NONE of your concern and no one wants to hear it.

      • Chris on April 28, 2018 at 12:27 pm

        Kay Theres nothing wrong with other people having different ideas. I think you’re reacting a little strong to the comment. Plenty of people see results on Keto and plenty see results on Vegan. Those people can weigh the evidence themselves and decide for themselves. We don’t need you being aggressive to others who differ in opinion.

        • Owen on April 28, 2018 at 1:45 pm

          In Kays defence the testimony lists countless debilitating illnesses. Enough to encourage suicide attempts. You don’t know what that feels like until you’ve been there. The strong willed lady it regards clearly says she has had severe reaction to gluten, dairy, soy, legumes, nuts, eggs and grains. And yet, somebody has chosen to suggest a Vegan diet because Arnold Schwarzneger says so. Now I’m all for freedom of speech but that’s just plain insanity and uncompromising. It’s idiocy. I can say so. I’ve gone strict wholefoods Vegan and my health deteriorated further and further. Strict Carnivore has changed my life. I’m thankful for life. I haven’t felt that since I was a little boy. So whatever works for the individual. True love and compassion would mean understanding every individuals circumstance and wishing them health and well being. Not ignoring the individual circumstance and just quoting a biased documentary backed by The Kindergarten Cop.

          • Chris on April 28, 2018 at 2:42 pm

            Trust me Owen, I’ve been there. Been experimenting with diets for 10 years and talking about it with people along the way so I’ve experienced many peoples different reactions to different diets. Seemed like the Arnold thing was a joke, hence the face at the end? I think you’re taking it a little too serious. I’m glad what worked for you worked for you, but when someone suggest something no need to get aggressive if you disagree, like Kay did.

            Kay Again, Vegan may be ideology but alot of other things are ideology. Doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Just because someone reversed symptoms on carnivore doesn’t mean it’s carnivore, they’re also taking out MANY things from their diet. Also, everyone experiences surges when starting new diets it’s a known phenomenon. Many people experience amazing health going vegan. Many people experience extreme negative results eating all animals, and science seems to back that up. So just because your n=1 case says differently doesn’t make it so. You sound like you believe in an ideology. Also, many ketoers make fun of vegans, so I think you’re just confirming your own biases. Have an open mind and try not to get defensive so easily, it will make people think your diet doesn’t work. Aggression looks like weakness.

          • Chris on April 28, 2018 at 2:44 pm

            For what it’s worth, I’m high-fat right now because it helps anxiety and mood forsure. It profoundly affects me. I think a good amount of vegetables is important, especially greens. The science on vegetable intake is CLEAR.

            One more thing I’d like to add is Shawn Baker’s health markers are atrocious. I understand there’s some controversy with LDL but he has many things wrong with him. His testosterone is that of a 100 year old woman. Science may have it’s moments when it’s wrong but it’s also right about alot of things.

        • Kay on April 28, 2018 at 1:48 pm

          I disagree. This is not the place for it. Testimonial shows complete reversal of symptoms doing carnivore– no one is asking for or benefiting from vegan ideology on this site (and it IS ideology–it is almost always rooted in political/moral reasoning, health is often just another way to try to rope people in.)

          There is nowhere online people can post about having good results with carnivorey or keto and a vegan doesn’t pop up to share their two cents. Doesn’t seem to really happen the other way around though, curiously.

          • Owen on April 28, 2018 at 3:10 pm

            Me and Kay aren’t agreesive. Just stating facts for this individuals circumstance. This post is individual to this person and others are making it ideological. I’d love you to explain to me how the proposed Vegan diet can work for a lady who suffers life crippling illness from soy, nuts, grains, legumes and gluten (the bulk of a vegan diet barring the vegetables). As you’ve said vegetables work for YOU and SHAWN BAKERS blood results are atrocious by modern medicines standards but this post isn’t on about either. It’s on about the lady in question who has recovered her health and can finally experience life as it is designed to be. So don’t make this about Carnivory or otherwise. It’s a beautiful thing that this particular lady has shared and should only he used to provide hope for people suffering similarly. Not as a platform for other people’s propoganda. Love to you all. I don’t hate.

          • Kay on April 28, 2018 at 9:06 pm


            Yeah, no, keto people may make fun of vegans in private but that’s because there is a hilarious amount of moralistic nonsense in their community (and because of the behahvior displayed here–always chiming in even when literally no one asked). If someone posted a testimonial about how they had cured severe autoimmune diseases and depression with a vegan diet, I would NEVER hop on there and tell them they’re wrong and need to switch to keto or carnivorey. That is none of my concern at all. They should be allowed space to talk about that. and they should show the same amount of respect for this young woman. But they don’t, because it’s NEVER just about health with vegans.

    • R Erickson on May 1, 2018 at 7:46 pm

      It’s pretty well known that vegan dieters face challenges with proper nutrients, etc.Best is to try and see what works and doesn’t work (vegan, low carb, carnivor, etc) for you. Diet is individual and incredibly important to overall health. There’s really no need to proselytize.

    • Matthew on May 2, 2018 at 12:14 pm

      I was vegan for 1.5 years. My health went downhill to shit. I went back to school for integrative nutrition, took all the “right” supplements, and got all my macros. It still failed abysmally.

  3. Healthy Living on April 28, 2018 at 4:18 pm

    Shawn Baker’s results were an abomination.

    I have been plant-based for 8 months. My resting heart rate is 55.

    My blood pressure is 93 over 65.

    I am 36 years old, while my levels are that of a 25-year-old. I run 3 miles every day.

    Here is my advice.

    – Remove the fast food.

    – Remove the soda.

    – Remove saturated fat.

    – Remove Dairy.

    – Remove Eggs.

    Eat Meat if you wish, while Plant-based results are by far the best in the country. Quality Meat is the key.

    There was a study in Australia which clearly demonstrated Game Meat was superior to Store Meat by a factor of 3. Buy Fresh and eat less.

    Thank you.

    • Chris on April 28, 2018 at 4:49 pm

      Again you both dont seem to understand different dieta work for different people. If it works great. Vrgan drfinitely doesnt work for everyone. So many people feel better going on keto. Vice versa. Theyre both ideologies so we should all hope for the best health no matter what diet they start. Im of the believe high-fat is the best but I know very healthy vegans.

      The problem with diet changes is they almost always cut out soda and processed foods. They almost all talk about exercise sleep and social life. Its difficult to figure out which factor is the most important. One thing we can agree on is to say no to processed sugar and foods.

      • Healthy Living on April 28, 2018 at 6:25 pm

        Yes, we agree on the following:

        – Processed food is bad, whether it is the meat of vegetables.

        – Sugar is not good, especially Soda.

        – Dairy is a bad idea.

        – Eggs are a carcinogen.

        Here is a video with around 15 of the worlds leading scientific studies explained:

        • Chris on April 28, 2018 at 6:53 pm

          Dude I’ve seen it all. Dr Greger is one of the most biased plant-based doctors. I’ve read all the studies available and listened to all the Youtubers on plant-based.

          Tons of research coming out regarding high-fat diets. There’s alot of good stuff if you’re honest about it.

          I’ve given Veganism a go 2 times, and I can honestly say I felt worse. I did everything the plant-based doctors advised. Just not for me. Hope if it’s working for you it keeps on working.

          Telling people eggs are a carcinogen is fucking ridiculous. Harvard disagrees. ALL the studies disagree. What The Health has been ridiculed by even vegans, because it’s dishonest. Based on the fact that you said that, I’m guessing you haven’t read the studies, and you’re just going off what someone like Dr. Greger says.

          Dr Greger looks frail and weak if we’re honest. Mcdougall and his wife have aged very poorly. Neil Barnard looks rough. Just being honest, and even though that’s anecdotal I have a hard time with it. Not trying to be mean but trying to use it as N=1 cases of people seeming to wither on veganism.

          Wish you nothing but the best, but I disagree with you.

          • Healthy Living on April 29, 2018 at 1:00 pm

            Eggs are a carcinogen. There were a total of 137 facts in the documentary What the Health. The same three are attacked as being inaccurate.

            In the documentary, It was said one egg was equal to five cigarettes. The contention? Some research shows one egg could be more like a single cigarette.

            One more piece of advice. There is no value in helping you or anyone other than myself. I do not gain money or power by what you do. Study the 1950’s and cigarettes. Harvard was the main source to provide Tobacco “may not be” causing cancer.

            Do you know how the tactic worked?

            Confuse the public with a few sentences. How can you be 100% sure eggs(tobacco) increases the risk of cancer?

            The people are surely eating and exercising at different rates. There is no way to be sure.

            Concluding — Find a single study which proves anything other than a Plant-based diet can reduce Cancer and Heart Disease Risk.

          • Healthy Living on April 29, 2018 at 1:08 pm

            One final note — Did you watch Jordan Peterson vs Kathy Newman? “So what your saying is”

            Do not be a Katy. It makes you look foolish. Provide proof of your claim without using insults and mere opinion.

            How is Dr. Greger Bias? What proof do you have?

            The Empirical data shows Americans on the Plant-based diet have the lowest numbers of blood tests. Is your judgment of the complexion more reliable?

            My Aunt and both Grandparents died from Cancer. I study at least three papers per week. If you have emperical data to add. Let me know. Otherwise, I appreciate your opinion.

          • Wiksteria on May 9, 2018 at 11:20 am

            Healthy Living, look up Dr Terry Wahls. You will find her doing medical therapeutic nutritional research for Ms and cancer. And she isn’t plant based.

            As to your theory about eggs, I’d ask you what the egg source is which is being tested. My guess you wouldn’t consider conventional bug ag kale to be the equivilant of small local biodynamic farm kale. Eggs are the same things. Science misses the mark when they test eggs but don’t care about the quality. Similarly, Gerson Therapy uses organic vegetable juices freshly extracted using a cold processing method, not conventional (loaded with pesticides) because it’s understood you can’t put toxins in your body and heal.

        • Tommy Sunshine on May 3, 2018 at 10:10 am

          I’m just going to put this here again, since you didn’t respond to it last time, and in answer to your comment below:

          “How is Dr. Greger Bias? What proof do you have?”


          A rebuttal from Nina Teicholz – ‘Red Meat and Health’

          (forward to 20:05 for some insight into the ‘vegan/vegetarian diet doctors’ and their ‘conflicts of interest’)

  4. Almost Carnivore on April 29, 2018 at 10:02 am

    Would love to hear more about “Why/how” carnivore works.

    Wondering whether carnivore is better than paleo for healing because all veggies we get are grown using fertilizers, residues and in-store treatments for freshness (even organic ones)?

    Possibly if we ate meat like hunter/gatherers did and snacked on some berries and nuts, pure from nature, we would not need to be strictly carnivore to healthy?

  5. Almost Carnivore on April 29, 2018 at 10:13 am

    Would love to hear more about “Why/how” carnivore works.

    Wondering whether carnivore is better than paleo for healing because all veggies we get are grown using fertilizers, residues and in-store treatments for freshness (even organic ones)?

    May be if we ate the meat as hunter/gatherers did and snacked on nuts and berries as we found then in nature (i.e. pure, high quality) we would not need to be strictly carnivore to heal?

    On top of that – eat those things as a separate meal? Not all mixed in with the meat. Carbs and protein get processed differently. Berries best processed starting with saliva and on their own. If they are trapped in the stomach while meat gets processed with high acid and heat, all benefits are lost and they may even be toxic.

    Anyone here who can comment on the science behind all this? Quality and quantity of greens, food separation?

    • Kathleen on May 2, 2018 at 9:36 am

      I think that’s a good point, eat your berries on their own, and don’t add in meat right away. Digestion times are different!

  6. Sandy on April 29, 2018 at 4:08 pm

    Hi Mikhaila. I know you’ve done heaps of research on nutrition and diet and am just wondering if you’ve looked into the role of lectins at all. I just came across a very brief mention of them as a major cause of autoimmune diseases and the foods they’re most prevalent in seem to be the ones you’ve had to cut out of your diet.
    I understand they can be neutralised by fermentation, which may be a way of re-introducing vegetables in your diet and helping the microbiome at the same time.

    • Kenn Macdonald on May 2, 2018 at 9:31 pm

      Re: Lectins. true I think about fermentation and I’ve also read that lightly cooking/steaming vegetable helps also. But I think Mikhaila has tried cooking/steaming, though maybe not fermenting

  7. Floyd Buenavente on April 30, 2018 at 6:00 am

    Hello Mikhaila,

    I think that your website might be hacked. I went to Google and searched the name of your website and then I clicked directly from Google’s search results and it redirected me to a page that has a contest thingy.

    Please contact your hosting provider and ask for a sweep of your website as it might be compromised. Also use https:// in your url as it is more secure than ever.

    You might be sending viruses to your readers.

    To Your Success,

  8. Sandy on April 30, 2018 at 6:46 am

    I landed on a ‘virus’ page too when I used Google to find the site.

  9. Owen on May 1, 2018 at 2:09 am

    Me too

  10. Sara Garcia on May 2, 2018 at 2:28 am

    I got the same result. Google redirected me to a different page.

    • Kenn Macdonald on May 2, 2018 at 9:34 pm

      This might be part of googles attack on Jordan Peterson (eg. briefly removing his account ‘by mistake’) I don’t use google, my default search engine is duckduckgo, 2nd one is Startpage.

      • Kenn Macdonald on May 2, 2018 at 9:35 pm

        well I just tested a search using “Don’t eat that’ on google, and it came up fine.

  11. Carrie on May 2, 2018 at 3:24 pm

    To anyone that really wants to understand keto and it’s amazing benefits really needs to watch the Netflix documentary called The Magic Pill….it’s is amazing…truly scientific and historical data…also an interview of an ex-VEGAN activist that is now a proponent of Keto…best point she made was that if you are planning your garden and don’t want to use Monsanto shit to give your soil the fertilizer it needs what do you use??? Answer: blood meal, bone meal..plants use animal’s by products to grow!!!.and if you don’t want bugs eating your garden and won’t use pesticides what do you do??? Get chickens and ducks to eat the bugs they kill and eat the bugs which made her upset at first but then realized that is the natural cycle of life. Animals eat other animals!!!!…I get the mistreated aspect of the animals raised in traditional meat industry but if you buy pastured animals for food they are happy and are actually regenerative to our ecosystem…the vegans that been commenting need to watch this!!! Go Keto!!! Go carnivores!!!

  12. Andrew on May 3, 2018 at 6:13 pm

    Do you eat raw meat?

  13. R McTaggart on May 6, 2018 at 9:50 pm

    Hello Mikhaila
    I think you are quite courageous.
    I hit the wall in the 80’s with chronic fatigue (which all the doctors at the time were adamant that this was a psychological issue) and depression, thyroid and adrenals crashed. And stumbled on whey protein (I know that you tried that) it helped me greatly as it has the precursors to glutathione and if you get the trace mineral selenium (150 m.c.g.’s) our bodies can make glutathione-s-transferase the #1 detoxifier of our cells.
    I had worked as a painter, had many ‘silver’ a.k.a. ‘mercury’ fillings and pretty good round of vaccines which contained thimerisol -mercury and was suffering from heavy metal poisoning.
    Things that I found that have really helped was rounds of sulfur – sulfate form -garlic and onions (many people who think that they are allergic are just experiencing cleansing effects) M.S.M for a month was excellent.
    I also did 4 of Dr. Hulda Clarke’s liver/gallbladder flushes (read the caveats at which helped much.
    The reason that meat is working for you is that glyphosate or round-up is ubiquitous it’s in the water supply and at dosages of p.p.m. it causes inflammatory immune reactions.
    Furthermore the g.m.o.’s shut down the ‘shikimate’ enzyme pathway which is necessary to absorb tyrosine phenylalanine and tryptophane which all play a role in depression (research Dr. Stephanie Senef she has done some great interviews at
    Optimally source 100% grass fed beef and lamb that has not been finished on the gmo corn and soyabean ration (it tastes different isn’t as consistent but is as a producer i.m.h.o. superior for the consumer and the environment.

  14. Reemda on May 7, 2018 at 9:18 am

    Hello Mikhaila, and everyone else reading this.

    I’m a 22-year-old woman. I have no chronic diseases, pains, discomfort. I’m not overweight, have no eating disorders or anything. Worst things I experience are some period cramps (likely due to my IUD) and some fatigue every now and then. I exercise regularly.

    My diet consist of meat, eggs, fruit, vegetables, dairy, and some miscellaneous stuff (soy sauce, coconut milk, sweetener, vinegar, spices, …)

    Do you think I’d still get noticeable, or even drastic, changes for the better if I changed to an all meat diet?

    Keep up the good work,

    • Mikhaila on May 8, 2018 at 10:56 pm

      I think it makes everyone feel better. If you’re healthy, I still think it’s worth it. I also found most of my friends started suffering from health problems at around 25 (harder to lose weight, fatigue, etc.), so this might be a good time to get preventative.

      • Reemda on May 10, 2018 at 2:11 pm

        Thank you! I think I’ll do a month of carnivory in June and see how I feel. 🙂

  15. Martin Gifford on May 8, 2018 at 9:10 am

    Peterson sounds Nordic, right? Maybe people from that area are more genetically inclined to eat meat or fish.

  16. R McTaggart on May 8, 2018 at 11:34 am

    An addendum to my other post.
    Sulfur is a major plant element of the 5 major plant elements n.p.k.s.h. (nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, sulfur -converted to sulfate form by soil bacteria and hydrogen -sourced from rain)
    ‘Modern’ farming -non organic, i.e.conventional agri-business does not generally fertilize with sulfur (farms were receiving free sulfur from the coal burning hydro plants in the form of ‘acid rain’ but now we’ve smartened up and that sulfur is no longer there).

    Unlike the small and now considered obsolete, and quaint: ‘mixed’ farms that have livestock (specifically ruminants: cattle, sheep, goats) in the equation keep the sulfur cycle working (through the manure) whereas; the new high tech result of the cheap food policy model (subsidies for stupidity) produces nutrient empty and tasteless food (easily evidenced by poor brix -tastes poor and doesn’t store well).

    Food is the delivery mechanism for ‘nutrients’ -minerals in a form that we can use -enzymes/ vital minerals -vitamins and proteins from amino acids created by said minerals. Synthetic fertilizers and hybrid seeds short change plants from having robust and complete nutrient profiles and as has been well understood for 75
    years produces animals and humans who get sick.

    Sulfur aside from being needed for hair, and nails and quality proteins forms cysteine and methionine which are used by the liver to detoxify the body. Lacking these compounds toxin load builds up in the body.
    Sulfur is found in good quantities in beef lamb and goat.
    Since cattle are produced with constant access to mineral licks.

    Beef represents a great way to access minerals. The mineral licks unfortunately have had flouride added to them -using the continued specious reasoning apparently that flouride is ‘good’ for the teeth (research flouride!)
    Flouride deposits in our bones and is a dominant halogen which means that it trumps Iodine (minerals have a property called ‘agonism’ where like two north pole magnets they will repel certain other minerals so flouride is repelled by iodine -which also is an agonist with hg).
    There is no known positive use for flouride and it can act as a trojan horse allowing heavy metals to cross the blood brain barrier. As the metals increase (hg pools) we literally become better antenna and are increasingly affected by wifi and electrosmog. An antidote to this flouride is to use Iodine (which is used by every cell of our body) and is needed by the thyroid (I use Luggol’s 5% and put twoonie size patches on my skin and found that in order to get a daily amount that we would have to eat a cup of table salt. So instead I supplement with iodine and use natural celtic sea salt -real salt not the synthetic which is important when eating all meat as well as preventing ‘keto-flu’.

    Far infrared saunas (penetrate the skin 1.5″ and help to detoxify the body they found the sweat contained 17 times more toxins than a regular sauna) allow the body to detoxify not using the liver and kidneys which makes them an excellent addition to health.

    Finally there’s a doctor Zach Bush in the U.S. search youtube ‘Zach Bush Restore’ and learn about Restore which helps to build the intestinal lining which will down regulate the inflammatory immune response in our intestines. Excellent for autism/a.d.h.d. and all auto-immune disorders which have ‘leaky gut’ in common.

    Since you have noticed improvement after taking sauna’s it is safe to say that you will benefit from liver detoxing. Testing for heavy metals and other toxins is tricky -seems the best test is hair. Really though the least invasive and least risky test is hair analysis. Never do d.m.p.s. or d.m.s.a. challenges to satisfy doctors who generally treat heavy metal challenges as psychosis -similar to telling them that diet matters. ‘Let food be thy medicine’ Who knew?
    Finally thought I would posit a conspiracy theory about microwaves. The Russians and the Swiss back in the 80’s proclaimed them to be ‘dangerous’. It now appears that their scientists were superior. Perhaps they were there so that should any nutrition happen to escape the farm and make it to the house we could destroy it with our microwaves that apparently fluke our hearts (research Magda Havas at Trent)
    cheers R.

  17. rod on May 10, 2018 at 11:32 am

    99.9% of all humanity are okay eating everything and anything without problems. Those who have underlying medical conditions and seek dietary solutions are obviously sub-optimal humans. That’s just a physiological fact.

    • Wiksteria on May 10, 2018 at 11:49 am

      You forgot “I believe” at the beginning of your statement. And for now consider yourself fortunate that free speech and the rights to your opinions are still honored on the internet for the most part. I dare you to try the diet for a month and then try and reintroduce everything you previously ate and see if your theory holds true. If you couldn’t you’d have to change your perspective or accept the fact that you are a psyologically inferior being. It also may benefit you to remember that our environment (internal through food and externally through environment) informs our physology just like nature/nurture informs our psychology. This has been recognize all the way back to Hippocrates time (let thy food be thy medicine and they medicine be thy food).

  18. Fabio P on May 11, 2018 at 9:05 am

    I was doing a list of what works and what is bad for me. It looks like yours list. Except for some items, I can eat banana. Thank you for sharing, people called me crazy for this.

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