The Russians Found Us

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  1. Mikhaila, My name is Bianca Lisonbee. Seven years ago I had a very similar experience with Clonazepam. It was horrific! The doctors tried to treat me with other benzos and it only made it worse. I found a doctor who works with many celebrities at the Cirque Lodge Recovery Center at Sundance, Utah (about an hour from Salt Lake City) He got me off of them in 6 weeks and back to normal. It wasn’t easy but nothing else was working. He has devoted part of his practice to educating people about the perils of benzodiazepines and helping people get off of them. His name is Dr. Matthew Andersen in Murray, Utah. I would be happy to reach him for you if you think this could be helpful for your father. Dr. A saved me when I did not know what else to do. I would even be happy to fly him out to wherever your father is or fly your father out here if needed. I am so grateful for the many ways your father’s work has blessed my life and hate the thought of him suffering as I did.

    I am so happy to hear that your mother is improving!

    Thanks you for all that you and your family do to be a lone voice of reason crying out in a wilderness of craziness!
    Much love and gratitude,

    Bianca Lisonbee ( My Facebook account that follows your dad is under my middle and maiden name – Anne Palmieri)
    I can be reached at 801-318-4435 or

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