The Lion Diet

The Lion Diet: Ruminant meat, salt, and water. Organs incorporated if you’d like but not necessary. High fat cuts to stay in ketosis or added tallow (ruminant meat fat). Fasting as you feel necessary. Eating every day isn’t necessary but most people like 1-2 meals per day.


8 thoughts on “The Lion Diet

    • I believe an “elimination diet” is a general term for an extremely restrictive diet that eliminates nearly every kind of food except for one or two types. The “Carnivore” diet, or Mikhaila’s “Lion” diet, a vegan diet (less so) are examples of elimination diets.

      Disclaimer: I’m a n00b idiot, so I could be way off, but that’s what I’ve gathered in my limited time learning about these things so far.

  1. Hi Mikhaila, how would you suggest structuring this diet for an athletically active male? For example, I’m concerned about losing too much weight and reduced athletic performance—any thoughts on maintaining a healthy level of body mass and physical activity?

  2. i wonder if benefits of beef meat are caused by high ammount of essential aminoacid L-Lysine it contains(food which contains it the most). I just read that Lysine makes person less anxious, and treats leaky gut syndrome. So im thinking if its just a coincidence or not. “My two cents”

  3. My family has a history of heart disease and my father had a quadruple bypass so I am concerned about the health risks for my heart, but know I feel incredible on the all meat diet. Have you heard any information about this? I know you are not a medical professional, but I want to take the consideration of hearing all there is to know regarding the all meat diet and heart health.

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