Win tickets to Paleo f(x) in Austin in April 26-28 2019!!

I’m going to be speaking at Paleo f(x) again this year!!! Hopefully see you guys there, I loved it last year. Granted I can’t eat most of the products, it was nice to hang out with similarly open-minded people. Makes you feel like slightly less of a weirdo (although I’m still at peak weirdness as I only eat meat). I’m going to be paying attention to the microbiome talks this year, and light therapy.

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  1. The bottoms of my back teeth are starting to erode I think it maybe gingivitis but all ive ate for the past 4 months is steak and some cod liver oil. Does anyone have and idea what could be causing this, im thiking there must be something wrong that’s causing this not sure if its because of the carnivore diet, I don’t think so though

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