SPARK Biohacker Summit in Toronto (October 2018)

2018 SPARK Biohacker Summit Toronto

If anyone is interested, Toronto is hosting it’s very first biohacking summit in October (14th and 15th). The summit originated in Europe but now we’re having it annually!

I’m going to be there, hopefully finding some sneaky ways I can make myself feel somehow better. Not that I feel like I need to feel better… but who knows! There will be cutting edge anti-aging technology, so that’s enough to get me interested. Everything from psychedelics (micro-dosing or not) to stem cell therapy will be discussed.

There are stands full of fun things, and a bunch of speakers that are going to be incredibly interesting. They have student tickets available (way cheaper), and an option to live stream to see the speakers present.

You get 15% of tickets with the code: MPETERSON

This is some info from their website:

What To Expect?
  • We have partnered with Biohacker Summit in Europe. They are the pioneers in biohacking conferences.
  • Innovative talks on the use of psychedelics and cannabis in human health.
  • The latest on the science of low carb, keto diets to improve health, prevent disease and human performance.
  • The role of the human microbiome in human health and disease.
  • Tools to hack your brain and mitochondria to improve your health.
  • Low Carb Food, nutritional meals to fuel your body.
  • Opportunities to learn and try out the latest in health supplements, devices and gadgets in our “HackerSpace”.

If you can’t make it, no problem, I will be writing a blog post, maybe two, about anything fun I learn/see there.

10 thoughts on “SPARK Biohacker Summit in Toronto (October 2018)

  1. Wish i could go. Love Toronto i studied there at UofT back in the nineties. Wish i could have had a professor like your dad. Got onto him because of sam harris whom I’m a big fan of. I really like your Dad and then i heard you on a podcast and made the connection. Been following you on Instagram since.

    I just listened to you on joe Rogan. It was excellent. You are so articulate and smart. Sorry for all you have had to go through. I am so happy you have found what works for you. And are clearly thriving. You’re a beautiful woman

    You probably have heard of dr Stephen Gundry…. I am sure a lot of your followers would learn a lot by reading his book. It talks about what you were saying on joe about plants having defense mechanisms. I was surprised that joe hadn’t heard of bkgntshadea since the Paleo world talks about them so much. As in that they are No nos for inflammation. I’ve never got how a potato is related to the others lol

    Anyway he helps a lot of people with autoimmune diseases. Kelly clarke went on his program for an AI problem and is cured and lost forty pounds in the process

    Finally, after watching you ion Joe it got me thinking about my dog. I have been feeding him a raw diet (well ever so slightly sautéed he’s a bit spoilt) for the past six weeks after doing a lot of research and i highly recommend that pet lovers watch a documentary on Netflix called pet fooled. We are killing our pets with the same horrible corn and soy we eat but it’s even worse with them and there are now tons of dogs with diabetes cancer arthritis and autoimmune conditions. He’s basically on a beef only diet wkth some organs and bones and he is thriving. Now i know that obviously dogs are different to humans but the fact that wolves can live a carnivorous diet and thrive tells us something. His coat is amazing his teeth are clean and he has no smell. Thought i would mention it for me pet lovers out there
    Anyway keep up the great work Mikhaila

    • Totally agree with the dog thing. My dog passed away from a throat tumor. It was terrible. He was super anxious and had digestive problems for his whole life. We bought grain free “high quality” dog food but obviously we should have been feeding him meat! So brainwashed.

  2. Victor John Andrew Mifsud says:

    Hi Mikhaila I am a fellow Torontonian and I am blind-filmmaker. My documentary will be premiering at Spark on the 15 of October in the VIP lounge. check out the trailer.

    hope to see you there. I’ve been working with Dr Doidge, Dr Gabor Mate and Dr Lara Boyd on the research and development of this project for a few years now.. and it is finally done! Also, I have also been on carnivore for 5 months and been having some digestive set backs would love to talk to you. i will book a consult with you. ~Victor aka (blindbiohacker)

  3. joe says:

    I know of an excellent humanized Beef Smoothie recipe that works great as an after dinner dessert. It has helped cure a debilitating ailment as well as weight loss. I can now run a 4 minute mile due to this diet.

    • BB says:

      Really? Why!?
      Instead of resorting to toxic chemical waste, why not meet all your health requirements using fresh baby meat alone? Veal is the turbocharged healing superfood BEEF ON STEROIDS kept hidden by big pharma for decades. Of course they want you to micro-dose on their toxic vegetable-derived Allopathic chemical waste toxins. Meat is better for you.

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