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Hey Everyone!

I’ve finally attempted to make a forum (the comment sections are blowing up!)

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15 thoughts on “New Community Page (Forum)

  1. lisa sherry says:

    Hi Mikhalia,

    Would you please describe in more detail what types of beef you eat… AND how you prepare it. What is…and where do you find ‘tallow?’



    • joe says:

      You can render the tallow yourself, this is the preferred method. The healthiest way to render tallow is massaging the meat with your hands until the fat congeals. It is great exercise too.

      I have only recently started to drink the blood out of my cow by puncturing its artery, there is a good demonstration

      This is a great way to start an all beef diet if you come from a vegetarian background and are against killing animals.

      • joe says:

        Just ask if you need Iced Smoothie recipes for the ALL BEEF diet. The possibilities are endless when you start utilizing the ENTIRE Beef to its fullest potential! To get the miraculous healing benefit you have to drink the Cow’s precious bodily fluids while the hemoglobin is still alive and fresh. Sort of like how unpasteurized milk is not poisonous while homogenized milk is highly toxic, but this has been known for years by scientists.

        It really helps if the grass is fertilized with melamine to supply the cow with the nutrition it needs if you plan on draining 2 liters of blood daily from the cow for your Iced Smoothies. They are delicious!

  2. hi
    following your blog and youtube interviews. Congratulations on your perseverance and grit.
    I am in awe.
    Like Lisa, I’m interested in your latest diet specifics and if tallow and lard are the same thing. Thanks. Steve

    • Brittany says:

      Lard is pig fat tallow is is just “animal fat” over here in Australia we can buy that is the shop called supafry solidified oil of animal fat what I’ll be cooking my meats in hope this helps 😊

  3. Pauline Goossens says:

    Tallow is the equivalent of lard, just comes from beef instead of pork. I’m sure if you call up your local butcher or grocery store to ask, they’d know!

    • BB says:

      Yes, I like to deep fry my tallow using lard using my charcoal furnace inside my tool shed. It is the beef eater’s version of roasting marshmallow over a campfire.

  4. Tamar says:

    What I would like to know is if this carnivore diet is seen as basic health or as therapy. Is this the way you think all healthy should ideally eat? Are fruits and vegetables poison? Or do you think it’s a solution for people with allergies and health condition who don’t seem to be able to process food “normally”

    • joe says:

      You can still eat green leafy vegetables… but only attempt to add them AFTER you have been on the strict beef only diet for 2 months. Fruits are only healthy for monkeys and are not suitable food for human consumption unless they have been processed first using beef tallow filtration.

  5. J says:

    Hi Mikhaila, I am also giving up vegetables after they give me so much body pains, depression, etc. I also have come a long way. I have been sick since I was young. Felt much better with Keto but thought I didnt eat enough vegetables for vitamins. I start juicing vegetables and it just send me back to the darkness. You know what I mean. So lucky, to have found you and feel not alone. Btw, may I know what is your blood type? And do you just eat beef? For me, I found lamb or mutton are best. I am blood type B+ So, I always refer back to dr. Dadamo books on blood type diet and genotype diet and yes, I found for my genotype(the gatherer), most common vegetables are no no. I used to ignore it bcos Ive given up fruits, eating vegetables cant b that bad. But now, Im gonna try to just eat red meats and fish. So, Im just curious if we r the same blood type or genotype. Im not sure if u have read any of his book. But anyway, hope to hear from you.

  6. Hello

    First and foremost Mikhaila thank you for your bravery and willingness to keep trying! Also, for not listening to the detractors.

    For most of my life and definitely the last ten years I have had many of the same issues as Mikhaila. One of the main differences is I have severe constipation. I have been doing the zero carb diet for four day now. The bloat is gone, but no feeling of going to the bathroom. Which isn’t uncommon for me, but I have concerns that the constipation will become worse. Anyone else have the same concern?

    Thank you


    • joe says:

      You can always switch up your Beef Meats to include more variety. BEEF HOOVES makes an excellent substitute for unhealthy plant fibers. In fact, all the Cow’s dietary fiber is stored up in the animal’s hooves, that is why cows are so regular (they poop a lot), the cow’s body simply absorbs the fiber storage from their hooves when the cow needs it for digestion.

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