Response to the Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert and Independent Article

I’ve decided to write a response in response to Rhiannon Lambert’s Instagram post mentioning me. (And the subsequent article scene here). The Instagram post doesn’t bother me that much, but even the picture of her posing with a pen is a tinyyyyy bit aggravating. I’m getting pretty sick of hearing about my “reported” arthritis…
I’ve copied parts of her Instagram post. They’re in bold:
“More energy. Less body fat. You can even cure depression and arthritis’, well that’s what American psychologist Jordan Peterson and his daughter @MikhailaPeterson say whose social media is scarily going viral. Mikhaila reportedly had arthritis, now she doesn’t (or at least, she thinks she doesn’t!)
Are you kidding me?! I’ve had my hip and ankle replaced due to arthritis. This isn’t a case of some minor joint pain that I “think” went away. I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and the diagnosis later changed to juvenile ideopathic arthritis, after my joint replacements. I had 37 joints affected. I could barely walk in grade 2. I was put on Methotrexate and Enbrel (I was the first kid in Canada to be put on Enbrel). I took them by injection, weekly. I took painkillers to sleep because I couldn’t sleep on my shoulders. This isn’t some minor joint pain that I could placebo away, that maybe didn’t even exist in the first place. This was the worst arthritis my rheumatologist (at Sick Kids in Toronto) had ever seen in her 20 years of practice. I have scars to prove it and medical notes. This isn’t a discussion.

Secondly, my Dad is eating this diet because the other option is serious suffering. Not because he’s particularly happy about. He’d rather be left out of the whole “diet” conversation.
“Mikhaila has absolutely no nutritional qualifications.”
This is true. I’m very open about it. I’m also not concerned about it. I’m not going to go to a school run by either the pharmaceutical companies or the food companies to learn about how eating grain is healthy. Or that the cause of most disease is unknown but here are some drugs that’ll fix you!
The only animals that are really sick in the animal kingdom are us, and the animals we feed. Doesn’t that tell you something? Maybe we don’t know everything yet?
“One thing you can’t ignore is there are some nutrients you just can’t get from meat!”
Explain why this worked for me. And don’t use the explanation that maybe I didn’t have arthritis. Come on. Explain why other people who have been eating this way for decades are healthy and thriving. I didn’t start this diet. I came across it out of desperation. If there are nutrients you can’t get from meat, why does it work for people? Or are they just placebo-ing themselves out of their obesity and misery too?

“Most people’s lifestyles and traditions make it difficult to follow a restrictive diet. Rigidity can lead to a distorted attitude towards foods and social isolation too”
This is true. It is hard to keep up restrictive diets. It’s not fun. I’d rather go out with my friends and eat cheesecake. This is part of the reason I run the blog, to give people who are alone a community. It’s not like eating this restricted is fun socially.
“Folate, vitamins C and E all pretty much only come from veggies – that’s why sailors used to get scurvy with not enough vitamin C in their largely fish diets.”
Vitamin C is used up in abundance when you consume glucose. Here’s another great article that goes into depths about glucose vs vitamin C. It looks as if the reasons sailors got scurvy was because they started surviving off of carbs and fish and didn’t get enough Vitamin C to help process the carbs. If you don’t consume carbs, you don’t need the vitamin C. I’ve been doing this for 8 months and my vitamin C levels are fine. Not low at all. Explain that!? Or do I just not have scurvy quite yet? Is it not possible that maybe we don’t know everything about diet yet?
There’s folate in meat, particularly liver. So that’s wrong too… As for Vitamin E, there isn’t much, if any in meat. But I’m not low in it. Obviously, we don’t know what we’re talking about if people can literally survive (and thrive) on an only meat diet. Obviously, we’re missing some key information here.
“Then there’s fibre. The #CarnivoreDiet has none of it, yet we know fibre promotes a good gut health and research suggests your microbiome impacts everything from digestion to your immune system to your mood. You need fibre, and meat can’t give it to you.”
You don’t need fibre in your diet to be healthy. In fact, it looks like it might cause more problems than it solves. We’re not cows or gorillas. We don’t have four stomachs to digest this stuff, or a long hindgut that ferments plant matter much better than ours (notice how gorillas have big bellies and that’s considered healthy – unlike humans). There are populations of people who have survived with no fibre and they’ve been fine (Inuit and Maasai for instance). I’m not an expert in this field, obviously, nor do I make myself out to be one. I’ve just read a lot. Fiber Menace by Konstantin Monastyrsky is a great read though, and full of information that isn’t widely recognized enough.

“Meat also tends to push the balance of our good and bad cholesterol (called HDL and LDL) towards the bad end.”
This is so outdated. Even HuffingtonPost knows better than that. And it doesn’t look like cholesterol, in general, is bad.
These articles kind of give an overview of more current thinking:
There’s information out there that people can read for themselves, and make up their mind. I don’t advocate trusting anyone. Do your research, be extremely sceptical. Read everything. Dave Feldman runs and has a lot of good information, and breaks down a lot of studies for people.
As for meat pushing your supposed balance towards “the bad end”, I’d like to see ONE study that concludes that (after controlling for variables such as sugar consumption, exercise, smoking, and dairy consumption). There aren’t any. Not that “the bad end” is even a thing anymore.
“There’s no one way of eating but be wary of any claims of “curing” conditions thought of as treatable only with medicine. Please never ignore medical recommendations in favour of food-based treatments.”
Medical recommendations put me on more medications than I can count on my fingers, and left me with a hip and ankle replacement at age 17. I’m permanently damaged from these surgeries. There is no going back for me. You can’t heal when your joints have been removed. My goal is to (at least) get people to start looking at their own diet for answers. Try eliminating foods and see what happens. The “beef, salt, and water diet” is what works for me. It seems to be the ultimate elimination diet. After a month, reintroduce foods! I don’t care. Just try and figure things out yourself before you also suffer irreparable damage. I want people to hear my story so that they know they have a choice. That there’s hope. That the responsibility for getting better is on them, not with the medical system. Research, explore. Don’t take anyone’s word for it, including mine. I don’t advocate quitting your medications irresponsibly. Talk to your doctor. I advocate doing the research and testing things out yourself. That’s what worked for me.
And last but not least, I’m not about to be called a fraud by someone who thinks avocado toast is a health food or bananas on toast is an actual way to healthily refuel in the morning… Reasons I don’t plan on becoming a nutritionist…

136 thoughts on “Response to the Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert and Independent Article

  1. Tracy Lynn says:

    I am so inspired by you and your father. I read his book last year and just opened it up again. Our bodies are so individualized as I have discovered over my 15 years of being a coach. What ruined my own body was paying too much attention to what was popular vs what was potent. I am studying up a bit on this WOEing as I have been keto for a bit now but still struggle SIGNIFICANTLY with autoimmune issues, pretty bad IBS-C, and fatigue. One thing I will say is that the high fiber diets don’t work for me. Sure…for some….but not for me. So for elimination I am cutting back to 3 types of veggies for a month and then one by one, reduce. I was reading that the benefits of this carnivore diet (or whatever label you want to put on it) regarding IBS is that a low fiber/no fiber diet allows for clearing of the intestines which allows the gut to heal and repair itself. Honestly I’m more excited to take this to the next level. Just keep being you and doing your thing. This was a great blog and it’s good to call out those who are “reportedly” do not understand what real nutrition is all about…’s about giving YOUR body what it needs…. ❤️

    • Marietta Pellicano says:

      “it’s about giving YOUR body what it needs…”. YES! I’m 65 yrs. and have been doing that since my 30’s. I have had autoimmune issues since my early teen years, got pretty bad by my 20’s and got serious about managing it in my late 20’s.
      My body reacts negatively to MANY foods, so, staying away from those foods is most important (even if I “love” them)! And when I say the word “foods” I mostly mean industrially prepared “phoods.” Pretty much, if you can just open the package and eat the contents it isn’t food, it is “phood.” Organic, fresh veggies, (those I don’t react to) and pastured eggs/meat, RAW Dairy,
      and only decent, quality fats make up my diet. I still enjoy gardening, bicycling, helping others with projects that require physical movement, and I care for my adult daughter who is affected by Cerebral Palsy! Yes, I lift her from the bed to her electric chair or bath chair. I know I would not be able to do that IF I had not taken charge of what I put in my mouth for nourishment over these past 40 years with her! So, thank you coach Tracy…I would have gotten along with you very well! And hang in there, Mikhaila, independent thinkers rule! 🙂

      • Enkill_eridos says:

        Sorry I left my comment unfinished..I was a medic in the Army. I have a little training in nutrition (it was actually something I had to know the basics about.) as well as physiology. You are absolutely correct Tracy. Each individual body is individually unique. Some people CAN’T digest sugar. A lot of the people I know who are obese (I know a lot I come from the US South.) can’t really digest sugar, their bodies don’t know what to do so it converts the sugar into fat deposits. A lot of people whom I know who was obese all their lives have gotten to a healthier weight, by completely cutting all carbohydrates from their diets. North America also seems to have a huge amount of people who are prone to being Diabetic. I was married for nine years, and my ex wife was one of these people who can’t digest many sugars. Going on a meat only diet really made her happier. It made me happier too. When I went on a carbless diet My pain was less both mental and physical. My thinking is clearer and I pay more attention. Sometimes I use past tense because the last couple of years has been consistent pizza. My health has gotten worse, my cholesterol is up and I have a family history of late age diabetes so by eating carbs and other sugars I run the risk of my pancreas not working as it should.

        I, myself have found a huge improvement when I go carbless. That means cutting a lot of vegetables and fruits. Corn really isn’t that good for you. Our bodies also do not process fibre at all. Fibre intake is good for cleansing out your colon. It’s a really nifty way to lessen the symptoms of constipation. At least at the beginning. I am carbohydrate/sugar sensitive so I try to not reintroduce very sugary fruits, and most of the good vegetables i already prefer. (Cauliflower and Collard Greens in particular can be made into some interesting things. You can use Cauliflower to make a kind of crust like for something like a pot pie. (I reintroduce dairy as I myself find it helps me personally. But I tend to only go and buy from amish types of communities. The kind of milk you have to shake and only lasts five days at most and old world style cheese.) I have reccommended this type of diet for years. The reduction part is the hardest, but if you monitor your ketone levels you get an idea of what your body is doing, and what you need to eat to keep that in check.

        • Kenn Macd says:

          good points. It seems carbs are converted to glucose, which if the amount is over our needs, the liver then converts to fat for storage. About fiber, there’s an interesting book called “The Fiber Menace” which is a bit over the top but he makes seem really good points. I haven’t touched vegetables or any fiber for a while now, and I am regular with no diarrhea or constipation. Generally fiber is not needed, though our gut microbiome can use it if it is the type you get from vegetables and not form legumes or grains. but everyone is different, we do what works for us.

  2. Caro says:

    I’ve suffered varying degrees of depression almost my whole life, starting at puberty, and lots, lots of anxiety (and poor self confidence, etc, etc). After a 36 year lifetime of being an ‘everything in moderation’ person (with normal, even exceptional PHYSICAL health), I always considered myself and my eating habits ‘healthy’. I have never been on meds. Buuuuuut my mood swings were getting worse and I just had the worst summer in terms of said mood swings… the worst of these swings happened the morning after eating pizza and ice cream, both of which I hadn’t eaten in long time. Although my serious depression lifted about a year ago (probably due to a very toxic long term relationship ending- that was such a mental/physical/emotional drain), many mornings in the last few years were ‘doomy’ mornings, like you say, full of anxiety, which I was still experiencing. The morning after the pizza and beer was THE WORST, mostly because I KNEW it (it being the loooooooooow mood, the ‘I hate my life for no valid reason’) was NOT ME. That day I was more sick of the ups and downs than I had ever been…. Like not even a day later I came across your dad in my thruther (conspiracy) videos on YouTube (because of the transgender stuff) and was BLOWN AWAY when he started talking about eliminating his anxiety/depression with the beef only diet! I’m happy to report that I’ve been doing my own version of the carnivore diet with AMAZING RESULTS since that day! (it’s been about 3 weeks.) The anxiety is gone and I feel like myself, vibrant like I was when I was a kid!! The quality of the sleep I’m getting is OUTRAGEOUS. Deeeeeeeep sleep. I feel happy about my life and myself in a way I can’t remember feeling in the last 18 years. It’s bananas. Thank you to you and your dad for being pioneers in this subject!! You are the coolest, cutest chick I’ve come across on diet matters EVER. And I love how grounded and focused you and your dad appear – and I am feeling as well- just another benefit of this way of eating: BEING GROUNDED. (And I’m also Canadian, living in LA). Keep on with this subject!!!! Thank you so much!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. I watched you on Joe Rogan and have heard your father speak of the horrors you went through. On Joe Rogan you simply knew too much to be making this up and anyone who disputes your father with his credentials is not worth listening to. Keep going and your following will grow as more people realize they are not alone with their particular health issues. You are a inspiration to a lot of people and Dr. Peterson is my intellectual Bromance. People can be cruel but only because they can hide behind a keyboard.

  4. “More energy. Less body fat. You can even cure depression and arthritis’, well that’s what American psychologist Jordan Peterson and his daughter @MikhailaPeterson say whose social media is scarily going viral. Mikhaila reportedly had arthritis, now she doesn’t (or at least, she thinks she doesn’t!)“ Sure does sound like slander to me. She’s inplying you are lying and with your medical records I would talk to an attorney. Don’t get mad get even.

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