Soooooo I didn’t really want to write this because, well, duh. But I’m going to anyway.

Hemorrhoids are basically swollen veins that can protrude outside of your anus. They are not sexy. They are not comfortable. They suck.

They’re also extremely common during pregnancy. I believe this is because people seem to get more sensitive to what they’re eating during pregnancy. (Not surprising considering your body is going through so many changes and you’re protecting the little one inside you. If you look at my post on morning nausea, I write that I could control it by eating very low carb and not cheating ever.) So pregnancy makes you more sensitive. Anyway, as people know, during the pregnancy I stopped being able to tolerate the carbs I had been eating (I had been eating apples, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, greens, etc.). I’m currently on an all meat diet because I lost that carb tolerance during the pregnancy.

So I believe hemorrhoids are common during pregnancy for two reasons:

  1. Foods start to irritate you more and cause intestinal inflammation – this is what I’m leaning towards because it’s hard to believe that we’ve evolved to just get hemorrhoids when you’re pregnant. AND not everyone get’s them.
  2. Your circulation gets weird, there’s a whole bunch of baby weight inside you pushing on things, random things swell, etc.

We’ll find out when I have the next baby (whenever that will be) if this happens again on an all meat diet. (Please God no). Because I am prone to them. So I ended up with two hemorrhoids that wouldn’t go away after the pregnancy. They got better on an all meat diet but I wanted them goneeee. So about a month ago I got them lasered away. Not pleasant.

I can’t take any painkillers. I will end up beyond miserable and with an autoimmune disorder for a month. So I couldn’t take any painkillers after the surgery. That SUCKED. I will let you know how I dealt with that. It turns out though that I can tolerate preservative-free lidocaine injections without having a flare-up. So for anyone out there who’s super sensitive, it looks like I can tolerate injected preservative free things! More evidence this is a gut issue. I will write another post on what things I mean. But in this case, it was lidocaine. So that’s good!

So I got home and for some reason, I thought this would be a no biggy two-day downtime thing. It was not. At all. Especially without painkillers. I was literally in bed for two weeks. I couldn’t sit down. UGH. I was horizontal for almost 11 days. And that was with using my mom’s laser which helped a lot with pain and swelling and healing. I am fairly pain tolerant but oooouch. I got home that day and the pain was bad enough I was nauseous. But I wasn’t depressed so it was still better than that. I was laying in bed, nauseous and in pain with ice on my ass thinking “how did people do this before painkillers!?” And I realized that some used alcohol. So I had three glorious drinks of bourbon and it reduced the pain dramatically. So yep. I’m basically back in the 1400’s. Getting drunk isn’t an ideal solution to pain though, especially if it’s post surgical pain sooooo I’m going to have to figure that one out. I’m concerned too because I need to fix my ankle and that is actually going to require pain medication. So… Intramuscular morphine maybe? Will they even give that to me? -_-

ANYWAY – if you have hemorrhoids, especially if it’s not related to pregnancy, you’re irritating your gut somehow. Your gut is irritated. Obviously. It’s visibly swollen… Other animals don’t get them, it’s not normal, so check what you’re eating, fool around with diet and see what helps. For me, it was an all beef diet. Plus salt. And sparkling water. And bourbon 🙂

53 thoughts on “Hemorrhoids

  1. Anna says:

    I had a prenatal yoga instructor tell me that pregnancy will cause anything your body has a predisposition for to show up or become worse. I think this is not discussed much and is an important bit of knowledge for women to be aware of. My issues during pregnancy were sciatica pain and hemorrhoids. I do get flare ups (seemingly) randomly during the course of time, and thanks to this post I will have to pay more attention to any diet changes next time I have a flare up.

    • I got so much worse too. Sciatica, hemorrhoids, bleeding gums, arthritis, itching, acne… It’ll be interesting to see what happens next time

      • Geofd says:

        Bleeding gums? Sounds like incipient scurvy which might account for body pains also. In this day we North Americans eat foods that are depleted in natural occurring vitamins of which C is only one but one of the most critical. Read up on Linus Pauling.

        • If I had scurvy during the pregnancy why would I still be alive now with no bleeding gums only eating meat? I had bleeding gums for my entire life until I changed my diet.

          • JimK says:

            Also scurvy takes a long time to develop. You have to be without vitamin C for months. There is sufficient Vitamin C in vegetables, fruits and meat.

          • It seems like you understand scurvy incorrectly. You can be slightly deficient for months and years, you can be ill but not die for a loooong time 🙂
            You can also become deficient more suddenly due to an injury, surgery or other type of strong oxidative stress.
            There is a store of vitamin C in the tissues, but it only lasts for a few months. When you use it all up, the level in the blood fluctuates with what you eat and you begin to see symptoms you might not connect with scurvy.
            Weak blood vessels, bleeding gums, poor wound healing, etc. are classic examples.
            Have you read Klenner’s Report? I highly recommend it. Changed my whole family’s life.

  2. Lois MacKenzie says:

    Can you tolerate oral CBD oil? It works amazingly well on my SI/L5 joint pain…..that, and an ice pack down the back of my pants! If you don’t want to ingest it (probably has carbs), then you can make your own CBD ointment for your hemorrhoids using the oil that way. Let us know if you have considered using cannabis in any form for pain?

    • JimK says:

      I have many friends who use CDB oil for inflammation. (runners) None of them mentioned hemorrhoids (I didn’t think to ask) but they have mentioned arthritis etc. One runner uses a salve after running. She also gives it to her dog and has had great results. (pill form). It is legal where I live.

  3. Karen Williams says:

    Hi Mikhaila
    Just wanted to ask how your Mum is doing…is she menopausal? If so, has she found any benefits of going low/no carb?
    I’m suffering and so is my other half!!
    Or if there is another female out there who has had the hot flushes and found the change in diet helpful.
    Also, what about risks of osteoporosis? I’ve always been told to drink milk to avoid osteoporosis.
    Thank you

  4. Tommy Tenney says:

    When I got hemorrhoids in my early 20s I read a book by Adale Davis that said a lack of Vit B-6 was cause. So now at nearly 72 yrs I still take Vit B-6 and keep that pain in my ass away. I started with 25mg several times a week. Now at 50- 100mg.

  5. Daniel says:

    I am a 39 year old male from Oz. I cut out gluten and reduced dairy, sugar and probably as a direct result, cut out some carbs which I would have consumed everyday of my life from about February this year and have noticed that my painful hemorrhoid ( been there for about 2 years) disappeared. It seems to come back a little when I eat bread and other carbs. My skin has cleared up and also noticed less joint pain. Also sinus and allergy problems seen to be disappearing. Amazing to read these stories and Carnivore diet.

  6. Jakub says:

    I am sure that diet plays a huge part here, but you should also be mindful of your position on the toilet. Bowel movements are far easier in the squatting position, whilst sitting position requires much more pressure, which causes hemorrhoids. Try to elevate your feet and see if this helps (they’ve made these dedicated stools, look up squatty potty).

  7. Nancy says:

    I’m a RN for last 40 years and I’ve given gallons of morphine IM. Ketorolac IM or IV is good for post op orthopedic surgery if you can take it. Hemorrhoids are related to increased abdominal pressure I never thought of food exacerbating them.
    Very low carb has been very very good for me. You have to eat what makes you comfortable.

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