Questionnaire (please fill in!!)

Here’s a survey I’ve been working on for 3 years. I began working on it when I first realized that there were overlapping symptoms between autoimmune disorders. It takes about 25 minutes to complete, and I would really appreciate people filling it in. I’m trying to get as much data as possible so I can work on (hopefully extremely useful) scientific paper. I think people will also find the questions interesting.

I’ll be looking at how certain symptoms clump (what’s most common in populations, how many people are suffering from these things), and of course there’s a section on how you eat, and personality (taken from dad’s personality questionnaires).

Once enough data has been entered I’ll start working on seeing if there are any patterns. I’m hoping this will help thousands of people.

No personal information will be collected.


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  1. Eric says:

    Check if blood type affect diet. Also check benefits of ozone theraphy.
    Atleast benefits of ozonated olive oils.
    Love and light of wisdom to us all. *smile*
    Eric de Wit from Finland

  2. Brian Crowley says:

    I think the scales for:
    I have the feeling of impending doom,
    Sometimes it feels like I forget to breathe &
    I was overweight as a child, are reversed.

  3. Debbie Nichols says:

    When I clicked to open the survey it did not open. I would like to complete it.

    Thank you and very best wishes.

    • Elisabeth says:

      Same here. I wanted to fill it in but it seems like the link isn’t working. Or is it not available anymore?
      Thank you Mikhaila, all the best for you and the work you’re doing!

      • It better be available. I upgraded the plan and for some reason I can’t access it. As soon as the company opens they’re calling me. Seriously unimpressed.

  4. Jess S. from Sask, Canada says:

    Hey- completed the survey but it ended up taking about an hour- just so people are aware.

  5. Derek P says:

    Hey Mikhaila,

    Just filled the survey out. Will you be posting some results on the site here?

    Also, do you (or others) have a recommendation for the best way to track diet and look for food sensitivities? Perhaps an app?

    All the best,

  6. Leandro says:

    I finished! Hopefully you can find a utility to the survey. I send a greeting to you and your father from Argentina. I was able to keep my seborrheic dermatitis with meat under control, since I found that I am allergic to several foods. They saved my life!

  7. Havumäki says:

    Hi Mikhaila!

    I started this all-meat diet 10 days ago and I have not seen many benefits. In fact, there have been some complications. I’ve been eating only fatty beef and some salt, nothing else. I’d like to ask you a few questions because I still believe this will work because I’ve read so much good stuff about it. I would just like to hear your opinions if this is normal.

    I’ve noticed that the pain and tightness in my neck and the tightness of my muscles has eased, but that’s the only benefit. So in addition to that I’ve faced other symptoms that got worse. Oh and before this I used to eat a lot of fatty meat already.

    These issues got worse and are getting worse all the time:

    Skin condition (small rashes, dry), sleep, racing heart / hard to relax, diarrhea (only happened when I ate too much fat), fatigue, brain fog, irritability, feeling in general.

    Is this normal during the “transition” and if so, how long do you think it will last?
    Do you think histamine intolerance can be a thing here?

    I really hope this will work, otherwise I’m quite out of options as I’ve tried so many different things. Help from anyone appreciated!


    • Yes that’s totally normal. The first three weeks can suck. Days 8-16 can be the worst for cravings and weird symptoms. Give it a try for at least 3 more weeks and see how you feel. I wouldn’t worry about histamine intolerance until you’ve tried this for a solid month. You’re right in the middle of the transition period right now, keep at it!

      • Havumäki says:

        Aight I will stick to it, hopefully this is the solution. Thanks for the reply, it’s most helpful and encouraging 🙂

  8. Robin says:

    Hi Mikhaila, thanks for doing all this.
    Im trying to fill in the survey and noticed you didn’t include methylphenidate or similar drugs at “prescription medication”. Though I thought that ADHD probably fits in very well with all the things you are trying to figure out here.

    On that note, have you any reports on ADHD by people? I’m researching this a lot and the evidence seems to come up veeery slowly that maybe this is related to the gut a lot.

    Just a little thought 🙂

  9. Rom says:

    Dear Mikhaeli and Jordan,

    I have a medical theory to connect many of the dots you describe, and I had the exact observations your dad described in an interview:

    The key is the overload and plugging of the Lymph system, basically the sewer system of the body.

    The lymph system runs parallel to the blood vessels and collects lymph fluid with waste from around the body. It transports it through the lymph vessels via lymph nodes to your tonsils where it is deposited in the back of your mouth. This fluid is generally clear (fluid in a blister).
    With inflammations your body white blood cells fight and get used which go together with the waste through the lymph system.

    If you overload the system for instance through a reaction to eating bread (like I have) the waste plugs the tonsils and they become enlarged:
    · Causing snoring by partially plugging the airways
    · Causing inflammation due to the presence of the gunk in your tonsils after a few days eating bread or other causes of plugging
    · The waste forms white/cream yellow lumps and become foul over time (1-2mm diameter) and contain a lot of sulphur compounds giving them a very bad smell, hence a bad breath. If you can overcome the gag reflex and squeeze them out, you feel better and they indeed smell awful. As a result you breath in these sulphur chemicals (m,ainly hydrogen sulphide) continuously in particular if you do little exercise the concentration is going to be high. This is likely to affect your brain function as a kind of poisoning.
    · The overload also accumulates in the lymph nodes inflaming them, causing enlarges lumps in various places over the body depending where the source of the inflammation is (Many lymph nodes in shoulder/groin front of torso and under clavicle)

    Of course the inability to get rid of waste severely impact your body.

    A TED talk about the function of sleep as waste removal is a key indicator to the link with lymph system. If the sewer is blocked the function of sleep in removing the waste is curtailed and your sleep isn’t refreshing. And could potentially lead to dementia/alzheimers as build up of waste.

    The plugging or curtailing of the lymph fluid system will reduce flow of such fluid and the renewal of those clear fluids in the body: Cerebral fluid in the waste the joint fluids, leading to inflammation, and inflammation is the brain is generally linked to mental issues, whereas inflammation in the joints is related to arthritis.
    Sources of the overload of the lymph system exist where the body is exposed to excessive White blood cell activity fighting invasions either by fungal or bacteria or due to food intolerances. The food intolerances will differ per person but wheat products or specifically product like break cakes etc. are often mentioned.

    I get a stuffy nose, inflated tonsils with white lumps and stuffed forehead if I eat (particularly factory) bread, and a tonsillitis if I continue to eat if for two days. So in my case bread seems to be a cause

    If I eat straight sugars (sweets/honey/sirop etc.) I get mild pain in my finger joints for a few hours

    I have fungal infection of my footsoles which might be fueled by sugars. If I soak them and scrape of the dead fungal white spongy skin , I feel and sleep better. I think the fungus lives on the interface of dead and living skin and is fueled by sugar. If I don’t scrape it I get itshy red ‘burning soles, often associated with diabetes. Also if I do not do that the lymph nodes in my groin becomes large making my legs very sluggish, as if waste cannot be taken away in the lymph system.

    There is a role for exercise in stimulating flow in the lymph system and clearing it to enable it to retake its function but without adjustments elsewhere it will clog up in hours. Vigorous exercise will stimulate flow to the interface of dead and living skin cleaning it of waste, and thereby reduce itching, in footsoles and elsewhere.

    A clearing of the lyph system to function properly allows sleep to be refreshing, you feel awake and are not tired and craving sugar and caffeine, which itself fuels candida and other issues
    So the resulting refreshing sleep, the higher resulting energy levels, lead to more moving and eating less and less cravings for high energy items like sugar and simple carbs.

    I think you have clearly worked out which diet result in a reduction of the load on the lymph system giving you the improvements and improvements
    I think the gut bacteria and various related issues can equally load the lymph system and cause this overload. I do not have this myself so cannot speak from first experience.

    Inflammatory diseases in general
    It is now medically proven that inflammatory diseases are present together in certain groups in the population (heart disease, diabeter, arthritis, alzheimers etc.)

    So indeed the key is diet to reduce inflammatory reactions, refreshing sleep to reduce food cravings, exercise to help the lymph system function with more capacity and hence sleep better, and as a result have more energy to move and less need to eat sugar and carbs leading to weight loss. Overall reducing the inflammatory load and reducing the inflammatory diseases.

    Hope this helps you in your quest, I’m convinces that this is the cause of many diseases as described. And perhaps with this you can spread the word also into the medical community as because the lymph system is not well covered by one specialty and runs through all the medical specialties it doesn’t get much attention

    • Brian Nave says:

      Rom/ Mikhaila / Jordan- How much of auto immune issues might be caused by candida overgrowth? How is it that Brain fog and more symptoms for MS and Candida overgrowth are the same and know one talks about this connection!?? I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 2 years ago- when I was 42- I’m now in the best shape of my live as I am regularly working out, have gone alcohol, gluten, & dairy free for the last 9 weeks and have finally received some relief from the constant Brain-fog I’ve been dealing with for the last 20+ years likely…. Possibly i’m not out of it yet but the fog is starting to clear and it feels great. I think I will have to give this protocol a try very soon as there is nothing to lose and everything to gain!! Thank you for what you do!! Good luck to us all!

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