Thanks for the support and testimonials

First testimonials:

If you’ve changed the way you’ve eaten, please submit a testimonial! Whether it’s cutting dairy, cutting gluten, cutting sugar, cutting all three, doing the initial diet I had written, or going all the way to zero-carb, let me know how things changed and what kind of difference it made.


I got a lot of hell initially for changing the way I ate. From everyone. First I got hell for sleeping all the time (I couldn’t wake up… I was kind of dying). “If you didn’t sleep all the time you’d _____” (insert something I wouldn’t be suffering from if I stopped sleeping). Then I got hell for drinking all the time (drinking actually kept me awake). “If you stopped drinking your skin would clear up, you wouldn’t sleep all the time, you’d be less depressed, etc.” Then I switched the way I ate and improved and got hell for being a food weirdo!

Skepticism is healthy, but there was a lot of it, and it was hard on me. I got told I was hurting people around me, that I was going to die of anorexia, that I wasn’t going to produce breastmilk, that I was crazy, Hell, cult leader got thrown in there more than once…

The feedback on this website and on Facebook and Instagram has been overwhelmingly positive. I’ve had vegans tell me they’re happy I’m healthier. Now and then I get someone telling me I’m nuts but that’s okay, I can understand their skepticism and I’m surrounded by so much positivity here that I’m not scared to write what I think.

I was very worried when I started this blog that I was going to get hell for eating funny. But I didn’t, not at all.

So thanks everyone!

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21 thoughts on “Thanks for the support and testimonials

  1. Tribun says:

    Hi Mikhaila!

    I really want to start the same diet that you are on right now, since I have bipolar illness, skin conditions, a bit too much weight, nasty anxiety, and intense fatigue. I am wondering whether you only use the oven for beef, or you also cook it with oil. Can you suggest a cooking oil I can use for meat, since I don’t have an oven and will have to use a frying pan. If oil is not recommended, I would totally be willing to buy an oven and give my own testimonial in a couple of months.

    Thank you for your time!

    • Daisy says:

      Hi Tribun,
      I cook it with beef fat. I don’t know the proper name in English, its the fat from beef kidneys. But you can buy it at the butcher.

      I have anxiety, depression, skin and gum conditions and fatigue… i started very hopefull two weeks ago and i see a small inprovements in my skin and my mood. Let’s see where this way of eating gets me. 😀
      I wish you the best!

      • Liz says:

        The kidney fat of beef is suet. For pork it is leaf lard. The best fat of the whole animal, from grass fed beef it can be deep yellow and soft at room temperature if the steer is eating spring grass. Yum

  2. Raiford says:

    Obviously I’m pleased to hear you are well. But after watching your interview I started thinking about the curiously prolonged and variable reaction times to various foods or other intakes, which if I recall properly continued even during your elimination diet stages.

    I would suspect the preservatives sometimes sprinkled over meat even, but commonly found in vast numbers of food products, alcohol, (wine not spirits) and most dreadfully, in medication. Preservatives by definition try to prevent the digestion of organic matter, which would in some cases delay the reaction time and may well produce the variability in times you noted if your were consuming a variety of medications with differing preservatives.

    Someone I’m very close to someone who was diagnosed with Churg-Strauss which she has attacked with fury and determination by means of dietary management, including the the complete elimination of synthetic preservatives which affected her extremely badly, and has now controlled the allergic and intolerance issues similar (probably worse) to those you mentioned. Her physicians are now suggesting that at least for some of the intolerance issues, she is now well enough to try a form of aversion therapy for some of the foods she has eliminated.

    But as someone who has barely had a days sickness in my life, I avoid preservatives like the plague.

    Best wishes.

  3. Mrs B says:

    Hi Mikhaila,
    Changing my diet from high carb, low fat to Keto changed my life. Thank you for sharing your challenges with us.

    You are my “go to” blog for health/food along with 2ketodudes and Dr Jason Fung in Toronto. (Dr Fung has successfully reversed Type II Diabetes in hundreds/thousands of his patients by employing water fasting to reset the immune system).

    1. Please consider cooking and eating pork rashers. Uh, they are awesome.
    2. Have you considered either intermittent fasting or extended fasting for health benefits?
    3. I have just finished walking 900 km across Spain on the Camino Frances (age 59), having held an aggressive cancer at bay since late 2016, using Naturopathic and nutrition and declining Chemotherapy. So I am stoked that someone as young as yourself has chosen health over big medicine.

    May you have a long and fruitful life.

    Uh, I prolly have to experiment with ZC too.

    Kind regards

  4. Charles Miller says:

    Slowly but surely the anecdotal experiences of people on sites like this are being confirmed by rigorous peer reviewed science. Just yesterday Dr Stephen D Phinney, co-author of The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living, posted on YouTube a lecture he gave summarizing a couple of recent studies that show clear metabolic pathways by which a low carb (keto) diet reduces both inflammatory response and risk of heart attack. The presentation is pretty technical and dry as one would expect for a lecture given to medical professionals, but I still think it is easily understandable. Its also well worth watching simply because the results are both rigorously scientific and compelling. In other words, if people are giving you hell for imagining the benefits you’re getting, “In yo face!” lol!

    Look for Dr. Stephen Phinney – ‘Inflammation, Nutritional Ketosis and Metabolic Disease’


  5. Sara De La Pena says:


    Thanks god I follow your father then I found your story a couple of weeks ago. I felt desperate to start since I read it. I’m from Colombia but I moved to live in London a year ago with my British husband. This hope is very important to all of us. In my case, I feel my marriage, my life and everything depends on this. My husband apparently doesn’t understand how my mood affect all my performance because I am not totally bad all the time. Some psychiatric said I am a Borderline but I never had a real continuous treatment in my life. I never had so good mental help in my country because my economic situation was bad and my depression made it worse. I suffer depression since I have memory but it went better or worse in some moments. Anyway I have no idea how is not to be this way. It is very sad. I think I am a high IQ person I did some good achievements in my life like an scholarship in the best university of my country but I didn’t finished because my money and mood. I create a volunteer program there and now my team made it part of a national policy for 40.000 poor students around the country but I died doing that. I took all my energy to handle all that at the same time and I lose everything, my home, my scholarship, all. My life had amazing things around that time. I found the way to get all the money for my tuition to finish my studies but not for living costs then I stopped and I met my husband a couple of years ago. Now I am starting my life again in a new very competitive country and I feel afraid because I need a lot of energy to do that. Here I am not working yet then is very difficult to me to pay the allergy test. I don’t know how bad is that but I started a pre diet cutting dairy, carbs and sugar. I still need to plan better my food and what to do out of home in social events. Anyway, I am determined to try it. I want to track my progress. If you have a tracking model could be nice to see it. I wish the best to all the people here. We all know how much important is this.

    Thanks <3

    Sadly I can not go to your father's debate in London this month because I will be looking after a very sick relative in Wales. I hope to see him in other moment. I am totally fascinated with you both! Thank you for your discipline, research and courage to confront all the hell around you. You are really helping people with the most basic and determinant things! Lots of love from London to all your family!

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