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    Ville Raatikainen

    How much fat do you eat? (estimate if you don’t have an exact count)
    How much protein do you eat? (estimate if you don’t have an exact count)

    Also if you are willing to, hearing your weight would be most helpful as well. I’m collecting some data for myself while trying to figure stuff out.

    I personally weigh only around 52kg (very thin atm) and I eat 140g of fat and 100g of protein a day.


    Jeremy Vickers

    I think fat intake, in nature, is actually a function of altitude. Divers have seizures from oxygen toxicity but being in ketosis makes them 20 times more resistant to oxidative damage. On the other hand, mitochondria can be damaged by low oxygen state if it is still utilizing fatty acid metabolism. It’s like carbon monoxide poisoning of the cell. Meldonium is an eastern European diabetes medication that inhibits carnitine synthesis to force the body ‘out’ of ketosis quicker when oxygen levels are low to prevent metabolic damage.
    Therefore, low oxygen seems to be the trigger for switching to glycogen from ketones. They seem to know quite a lot about about this metabolic switch in Eastern Europe. And the lower the altitude, the more fat you find in food (i.e. fish) whereas the higher the altitude, the less fat you find in food (i.e. deer or mountain goat).
    Sucrose intake, in nature, seems to be a function of sunlight exposure. I’m still working on this theory though.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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