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    Greg Horner

    I’ve been ZC for 4 months and benefits all around are great; better energy, lost fat, brain better, and best of all I can exercise again and recover. 16 years of really challenging heath have turned around completely. Except waking with the feeling of doom and Jordan describes it. I call it total physical and emotional despair. I feel like i’ve been in a car wreck, poisoned, electrocuted, instantly wide awake, startled awake, physically very uncomfortable. It’s not apnea.I’ve learned to meditate in these moments that that provides some relief sometimes, but other times I just need to get up. Often walking around for 5 mins and all is gone. But obviously I’m not getting a good nights sleep. I take melatonin and 500 mg magnesium before bed.


    Jeremy Vickers

    I took calcium disodium EDTA like 500mg/day rectally for several days and noticed some major overall anxiety baseline improvements. And while i was chelating my seborrhea dermatitis completely subsided. I have to drink lots of water to flush out the chelated metals when taking EDTA or they all will land somewhere in my nervous system and it’s hell on earth until I can take some more EDTA to chelate those metals again. I think once the fungus network that has monopolized my bowel subsides, i will get my life back. I’ve been on all meat with intermittent cheat days for about 6 months. The all meat allowed me to wake up in the morning and stabilized my energy levels but the EDTA chips away at the anxiety and seborrhea every time I do it. My seborrhea was so bad, i thought my ears would peal off if I pulled on them two hard because the skin split and I had a gaping wound at the seams. That went away with the EDTA and hasn’t come back yet. The anxiety seems to be caused by metals that my body can’t detox because of some sort of systemic fungus.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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