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    John Doe

    Starting this thread to track my progress on the all meat / beef diet for so far unknown / suspected autoimmune disorder that was triggered suddenly 2 years ago.

    I will give a little background on my conditions so as to possibly help others who might have similar issues and to record what I have learned so far. I’m going to try and keep it condensed, but for simplicity will probably spread the story across several posts. First, a little background on my history with autoimmune disorders:

    Age 0-4: Perfectly healthy child, no issues.

    Age 5: Developed Allergies at age 5, I suspect the vaccines they make you take before you start public school were the trigger as it seemed I developed symptoms within 2 weeks of getting the shots. Symptoms were, waking up like I had a cold / sneezing for the first 4-5 hours everyday. Symptoms would usually resolve 80% halfway through the day.

    Age 6-7: Got Allergy tested finally. Doctor did the allergy panel and I reacted to basically everything. Only things I did not react to were the ones they normally see, such as milk and nuts. Everything else, pollen, trees, fabric, grass, animals, ect ect I was allergic too.

    Age 8-14: Try various allergy medication, Claritin, Benadryl, ect. It helps but does not really resolve my problems. Suffer through most of my childhood, never got into sports because of it. Had to skip lots of stuff. Avoided the outdoors because mosquito bites resulted in weeks long inching bites. Did allergy shots for years, but they didn’t help much.

    Age 13: Started daily antibiotics for (mild) acne. Looking back now it was a dumb solution, but that was what the doctor suggested (back when I trusted doctors). That or twice daily facial washes, and as a male that sounded like putting on makeup daily. This was back before they were pushing against the over prescription of antibiotics (the 90’s). It did fix my acne. Don’t remember exactly what the drug was, but I think it was amoxicillin. I think that was after I first tried doxycycline and threw it up. Took these antibiotics for years.

    Age 15: The start of my major problems (circa 2000/2001). Got a bladder infection, can’t remember if this was before or after stopping the antibiotics for the acne, but it would make sense if it was after stopping their use. Was embarrassed about it so let the infection go on for a week before I told anyone or got help for it. They put me on (I think) amoxicillin, I seem to remember it being the same as the stuff I was on for the acne.


    John Doe

    Age 15 cont: The bladder infection did seem to resolve partially right away after antibiotic use, but still had pain in the urethra. I would say the pain was reduced 80-90%. Had the urge to frequently urinate, and it felt like I was pissing out razor-blades when I did. Went to 7 different doctors who ran tests, scopes, ect ect. All of them found “nothing wrong.” Some attempted to put me on Prozac thinking I was crazy and such, but I refused. Some doctors did mid-evil like procedures on me that only made me worse, so I decided to just give up and live with it as the “cure” was turning out worse than the disease.

    Did a follow up with one particular doctor who eventually found “protein” in my urine that might be the cause. ****This will be important later****. Also, important to note my mother came down with the exact same issue a few years later, but presents slightly differently.

    Age 16: The household cats all died within the same year. One of them was 19 years old. This resolved, for the most part, my daily allergy problems. No longer woke up with sneezing fits. However, I now had to deal with daily bladder pain.

    Age 17-18: Dealt with daily bladder pain, basically ruined my high-school dating years for obvious reasons. Found out that drinking water only seemed to improve the situation. Cut out all soda or juice from my diet.

    Age 19: Grew up with limited dial up internet access in the 90’s, but after going to college discovered the joy of high speed internet. Also discovered I loved to research things. Started researching my bladder issue for hours per day determined to resolve it. Came across radio shows, and documents regarding GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) and how they produce certain proteins internally to kill any insects that eat them. Found out the first major wide spread consumer use of GMO’s started in 2000/01/02 about the time my bladder problems started. Came across other health sites with people who had tried elimination diets to solve allergy problems and such. Since cutting out all drinks accept water help me before, I decided to try an elimination diet. I cut out all GMO foods, and ate strictly USD organic food. Being broke and in college it was mainly USD organic pizzas. This was around 2004.

    Did this diet for 6 months and it RADICALLY improved my bladder problem. So much so I could start drinking beer and soda in limited amounts again, usually with a glass of water to dilute it.

    Also around this time discovered that after years of taking Benadryl for years I had developed a constant ringing in my ears. A known side effect.

    20-25: Took years but eventually healed my bladder problem almost 100%. I have to stick to the USD organic diet with maybe an occasional cheat when eating out with friends. The better it healed the more often I could cheat. Discovered that I needed to avoid GMO Corn and Soy specifically however.


    John Doe

    Turns out that GMO crops such as corn and soy produce special – up until now – unknown proteins that are ***supposedly*** broken down and digested by the acidic human digestive track, but not by the alkaline insect digestive track, which kills the insect:

    How does BT work?

    >”Bt toxin requires a high (basic) pH to be active, and must be activated by specific protein-cutting-proteins in the insect gut. The Bt toxin is comprised of a bunch of smaller proteins that work together by teaming up to form holes in the membranes of the cells that form the gut. The holes that are formed are small, and allow salts and other small solutes to get in. When the salts rush in, water follows. When the water flows in, the cells burst. When enough cells burst, the midgut becomes full of large holes. At this point the gut contents spill into the body cavity of the insect, resulting in the death of the insect.”

    I never had my digestive track tested for ph, looking back I should have, or maybe will in the future, I was just happy at the time to have resolved my problems. Its important to note that I eventually got my mother on this diet, and it helped her as well.

    Age 26: Got a bout of massive, violent, and non stop diarrhea, so bad I had to go to the emergency room. Doctors tested me for several things, but also did a CT scan on my abdomen. They seemed to rule out infection such as C Diff, but thought I might have “Ulcerative Colitis” and referred me to another doctor. They gave me inter-vinous antibiotics and some pills to take home. It seemed to resolve my issue within hours.

    The doctor they referred me to wanted to scope me and take a biopsy, but after my previous experience with getting my bladder scoped, and since I had no further issues at that point, I never did it for fear of it causing me more problems. With doctors I go by the creed “if its not currently broke or in pain don’t try to fix it.”

    Age 27: Got a bunch of teeth cavities out of no where. Had never had any cavities in my life. Dentists could not seem to explain it, just wanted to drill. Eventually let them after getting third opinions. This will be important later.

    Age 28: Started to have some Gum issues, but dentist again didn’t seem to be concerned. Always kept my teeth in good order. I trusted them.

    Age 29-31: Had a kidney stone but nothing else worth noting. Stuck with my no GMO diet. I can also note that traveling to a country that does not allow GMO’s in their food supply allows me to eat anything I want without issue. Got colds a lot, which I had not be used too since I was a kid / had allergies.

    Age 32: Every 6 months I went into get a teeth cleaning I got sick within 24-48 hours and was out for a week. Though I had developed some kinda allergy to the cleaning products. Got swabbed several times for strep, all negative.


    John Doe

    ***Age 33 (the start of my current nightmare): Took a trip to the beach and noticed that my lower right Jaw was hurting and some of the teeth as well. Decided to book a dentist appointment when I got back. Wanted to avoid it due to always getting sick after I went. After they took a look, they as usual said nothing was wrong.

    48 hours after that I got sick again, and this time was determined to figure out what was going on with this constant illness so I went to a clinic and demanded they test me for something other than Strep. They did a full swab and sent it off to the lab. A week later they said I had “Strep C” which is not tested for in the rapid strep test doctors usually give you. I was proscribed (I think) Clindamycin, but could have been amoxicillin. I guess I should note now that for a long time thought I was allergic to Penicillin (but I’m not) because it ran in the family, also I am allergic to Erythromycin, and doxycycline so they often gave me Amoxicillin or Clindamycin as an alternative.

    Took the antibiotics and this was the start of my current issues: Within 48 hours of starting the antibiotics suddenly my jaw started to hurt quite a bit, as well as most of the teeth on the right side of my face, my teeth in the front, top and bottom, and sometimes on the left side, all started to hurt and feel as if they were going to fall out. My gums on the left side of my face also started to get irritated. Since at the time I worked on the phone, this all became extremely irritating and painful, talking for 8-10 hours per day. Additionally, I’ve been going to the chiropractor for 10 years before this for too much computer work and sitting in a desk for too long, but suddenly my issues were much worse. I also developed bad breath.

    I’ll try and keep this part short but for the next 8-10 months, I went to doctor after doctor trying to figure out what was going on. I went to 3 dentist, 3 periodontist, 2 orthodontists, an Allergy/ENT, a Neurologist, Chiropractors, Pain specialists, TMJ guy, ect ect. I had CT scans, xrays, exams, mouth guards, injections ect. Everyone found “nothing wrong.” Between the insurance company and me I think $25-30k was spent with no results.

    During this time I started to lose hope as they were not solving my problem, but I thought back to when I had fixed my own bladder problem and started just telling the doctors what to test or proscribe me. They did not like that, so I had to start googling problems I thought might be the cause and learned what to say my symptoms were so that they would run the tests I needed them to run, or give them the medication I needed them to give me.

    Although they still found nothing wrong, I did get some improvement with the Anti Inflammatory drug diclofenac, and also a muscle relaxer tizanidine. Gabapentin nerve medication also helped a little, but it was not enough. My performance at work suffered, and it looked as if I was going to be fired and lose my insurance. This didn’t really bother me because at that point I was pretty much giving up on modern medicine as they had not (and never have) done much for me anyway, and I could not continue the job with the pain I was experiencing. I did however started to develop panic attacks and depression, which I thought were most likely because of the stress I was under.


    John Doe

    I know this is long, but in the next post it should all come together for you to see why I needed to type all this out. This gets us mostly up to the current time.

    I eventually decided that I was going to cash out of my job, condo, and life and travel to Thailand to get some other kind of health care outside the USA. A different perspective, cheap back / neck massages, access to cheaper drugs over the counter in Thailand (most pharmacies have stuff that is only prescription in the USA), and try and fix my own issue as I did in the past. The drugs here are also $7 for a 30 day supply instead of $350.

    34-35 Time in Thailand: The last doctor I was visiting in the USA was a General Practitioner. I had given up on all the other doctors. I was trying to get her to refer me to a gastroenterologist for the bad breath to see if some kind of stomach infection was the root cause, but since it was going to take several trips and then months wait to get an appointment, I didn’t bother. I had already made irreversible plans for Thailand.

    tl;dr My symptoms up until this point:
    1. Allergic to everything gowning up, solved itself when cats died. Probably started by vaccines.
    2. Bladder infection, then lingering pain for 10 years after taking antibiotics. Solved by avoiding GMO corn and soy proteins and drinking water.
    3. Strep C infection that reoccurred for years. Went away with antibiotics, but triggered jaw, back and teeth pain. Also panic attacks and depression.

    So what is the big picture here
    With my time in Thailand I have discovered this:
    1. Whatever my problem is its inflammation related.
    2. It was most likely triggered by the strep infection being cleared by the antibiotics.
    3. Most if not all of my problems are increased/decreased depending on my diet.
    4. It may be ulcerative colitis or some other gut issue which I will explain next.

    Without going over one year in Thailand in detail, basically I’m taking several different anti-inflammatory drugs which help the most (salazopyrin, prednisolone, and Tylenol), combined with a specific kind of chiropractic only available in the UK/Thailand, in addition to lots of massages. These seem to resolve most of my issues EXCEPT for the gum issues, depression, and panic attacks. Teeth and jaw problems are 90% gone with the those treatments, so I’m suspecting something was pinched in my jaw/neck, or general inflammation caused it combined with mild TMJ (which one specialist back in the USA thought I might have). I started to adjust my diet to eat non-inflammatory foods due to this, and at one point I suspected celiac disease, so I only allowed myself a few carbs (such as vegetables and potatoes) in my die. This improved all my issues including the gum and depression issues, but not too 100%.


    John Doe

    I had to stop taking the Diclofenac and Advil I had been using for months and switch to Salazopyrin, Prednisolone, and Tylenol because it was causing me to have lots of diarrhea. I was literally crapping myself daily and I thought I was going to need diapers at 34. Turns out people with gut issues, specifically Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis, can’t take those two drugs. Both Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis are autoimmune diseases that cause your immune system to attack your intestinal walls. They are often times triggered by an infection followed by antibiotic use. I have yet to get tested for these due to the cost without insurance, but at this point I’m pretty confident I have Ulcerative Colitis and should have been tested for it back when I was 26. However, it doesn’t really matter either way because “it can’t be cured” and they would just put me on the same drugs I’m already taking with the addition of an immune suppressor (which I may try soon).

    It took me about a year to figure this all out by trial and error with my own research online, but here are a few important things I think will help you all, and maybe Mikhaila as well if she reads this:

    1. As previously stated, autoimmune disorders are generally triggered by vaccines in people who may already be genetically predisposed for autoimmune disorders. Vaccines cause an immune response on purpose to the thing it is supposed to be vaccinating against to build your immunity. This may “accidentally” carry over to something else in your system.
    2. Additional autoimmune disorders generally occur in people who already have one. These are often times triggered by an infection followed by antibiotic use.
    3. The Clindamycin antibiotic is notorious for triggering autoimmune disorders, especially in people already predisposed to having autoimmune problems.
    4. Gut issues are generally autoimmune disorders, because the immune system is rooted in your gut.
    5. General allergies are also stem from your gut because of this. Fix the gut, fix the allergies.
    6. GMO foods can cause/expand leaky gut syndrome, because your gut is already messed up and can’t break down the GMO proteins like BT toxin, or because your system is not acidic enough. Just like it attacks the insect gut, it attacks the “abnormal” human gut.
    7. Leaky gut syndrome can leak food proteins and toxins into the blood stream or adjacent organs SUCH AS THE BLADDER. A fistula is a larger example of this. These proteins may also get filtered out by the kidneys once they enter the blood stream and then get excreted by the bladder/urethra (hence my older bladder issues with protein in my urine causing pain when excreted – stopped by the avoidance of GMO corn and soy). White blood cells may also attack these proteins once in your system, if you system has developed an immune response to them.
    8. Ulcerative Colitis and other gut issues are not only limited to your intestines, but can effect the stomach, throat, AND MOUTH as well (like my gum issues and bad breath). The digestive track is one long continuous system.
    9. Gut issues such as Ulcerative Colitis are more common than people think and often go un-diagnosed, especially in the West. They often do not display normally, and can cause things like weight gain/loss.
    10. Gut issues like Ulcerative Colitis damage the lining of the intestines making it harder for you to absorb vitamins and nutrients. This can cause problem like tooth decay (like the cavities I got out of nowhere).
    11. Ulcerative Colitis and similar can cause leaky gut syndrome as a complication.
    12. Gut issues can cause depression and panic attacks.
    13. Gut issues can cause inflammation problems like arthritis as well as other autoimmune problems.
    14. The best way to address all these issues is to address the underlying immune system problem.


    John Doe

    ****The reason I suspect elimination diets help people such as ourselves is because it is the only way we have currently to stop the cycle of immune response. Our genetics are predisposed to autoimmune problems. Vaccines, infections, and antibiotics like Clindamycin can trigger our autoimmune problems which are then exacerbated by things like GMO food or allergic reactions. These autoimmune problems cause things like Chron’s and Ulcerative colitis which in turn cause leaky gut and damage our ability to absorb nutrients ESPECIALLY PROTEINS. Leaky gut gets worse with GMO foods (in 90% of food in North America) which then leaks those proteins and un-digested plant/food toxins into our blood stream which then cause an even greater immune response throughout our body. This immune response effects things like our joints or exacerbates back/jaw/muscle/tendon problems. It can also cause depression/anxiety and problems with your teeth/gums. The immune response becomes a cascading cycle effect throughout your system starting with autoimmune gut problems causing leakage and then other autoimmune problems elsewhere in the body as a response to the invasion. An unbalanced gut microbiome can also play a role in this as you may not be able to digest certain proteins.

    The best solutions I have found so far is this Carnivore diet, or all beef diet, and possibly mesenchymal stem cell treatment. Mesenchymal stem cells, if they work, basically reprogram the bodies immune system to act as it originally did, way back when you were born before your autoimmune system was triggered. They would not, however, fix the underlying genetic problem and the issue could reoccur. Below I will provide some links for everyone to read, and you can decide for yourself if what I have laid out here is accurate and up to the latest science.

    Stem Cell Therapy for Autoimmune Diseases

    How does BT work?


    John Doe

    Post number one tracking my diet.

    Since June of 2018 I’ve been on a low carb diet, that basically includes:

    1. Meat – Mainly Chicken
    2. Rice
    3. Carrots
    4. Cranberries
    5. Peanuts with salt
    6. Peppers
    7. Onions
    8. Cashews
    9. Jackfruit
    10. Apple Juice and vitamin mix.
    11. Medications
    12. French Fries and ketuchup
    13. Beet root

    I cut out the apple Juice because it had the most natural sugars, and that improved things quite a bit. The vitamin mix seemed to cause some problems as well, so I’ve only been doing that on and off. I’ve also noticed that fasting for 24 hours with water and salt only also helps. I had to take antibiotics for food poisoning at one point, and I noticed that while on the antibiotics my bad breath went away, so I bought some Colloidal Silver and take that on and off which solves the bad breath but not much else.

    After several weeks on this diet I saw improvement, so I just went with it, but I’m trying to get to 100% so for the next 6 months I will be doing beef, water, salt only and see what happens. Also, if I see improvement, I may try a IV vitamin drip and see if that causes any reaction. I’m hoping bypassing the digestive system will allow me to still get vitamins. Good thing to note, most major cities have IV clinics you can go to and get a assortment of IV vitamins for basically any/no reason. They are often used to cure hangovers! I will keep everyone updated.

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