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    Laura McAinsh

    Hi everyone, I’m interested in stories from people with a rheumatic disease, specifically ankylosing spondylitis, who have tried the carnivorous diet. I’ve connected with a few through Facebook, but I love to hear more stories. Feel free to message me to connect. Autoimmune diseases are no fun, and it’s best we spread ACCURATE information for all to benefit from. There are few in the testimonial section. But more specifically I’d like to know, how long did you need to be on the diet before it worked? How long did you have the rheumatic disease for? Did you go off medication before starting the diet or not? What are your pain levels now? 1 through 10 (please be truthful, not positive). Laura


    Moira Eastman

    Hello Laura,
    Thank you for your story.
    My name is Moira. I’m 78. As a child I had a lot of pain. My mother was sick and I was sent to a boarding school shortly before I turned four. Very unhappy. Adults dismissed the pain as ‘growing pains’. i think it was arthritis pain. When first married lived in pretty cold place. Had a fair bit of arthritic pain. At around 50, had pain that I was told was sciatica. Walked like old lady. Came across Dale Alexander’s book: ‘The New Arthritis and Common Sense’. He had a method of taking cod liver oil. It was like magic and kept me out of pain and stiffness for 25 years. I took the cod liver oil cure intermittently. Tended to forget to take it when pain went away, but when the pain returned, the cod liver oil (Omega 3) cure always worked very quickly. Pain gone in 2-4 weeks. 3 years ago my daughter died and then I put on weight and at the same rate, arthritis returned. This time codliver oil solution did not work–and I stopped using it. From age 50 to now I’ve intermittently followed low carb and ketogenic diets, with lapses.
    Since my daughter died, I have not been able to stop putting on weight, the arthritis requires a walking stick or walker and is quite disabling. Also, bad inflammation on my face.
    Worst of all, disabling tiredness and total lack of energy.
    I went on carnivore diet for one month or 6 weeks. I mainly ate minced steak or just steak. it was easy and I lost 7 kg. But no improvement in inflammation on face. and no improvement in arthritis.
    I suspect arthritis will not improve until I lose the rest of extra weight, another 14 kg. (Three stone altogether).
    I’ve started having cream in my coffee, which I suspect is the worst thing I can do.
    I’ve started taking panadol osteo. It is making an incredible improvement. I intend to use it so that I can get back to 10,000 steps a day.
    I’m looking forward to Mikhaila’s book.
    Some questions I want answered:
    How long on carnivore diet till see improvement?
    How bad is it to have chicken, fish, eggs?
    Can you have an occasional break–say bacon and eggs and i slice of toast?
    How often?
    Is bacon ok?
    what is the solution to suddenly wanting to break the diet?

    My daughter died of breast cancer. For about 5 years she followed a very low carb diet and then the ketogenic diet. doctors could not believe that the cancer did not spread through her body. After about 5 years, complete body scans showed no cancer anywhere except in the original lump. After a mastectomy, no cancer anywhere. No cancer in lymph nodes and other skin and tissue removed. Doctors could not believe it but NO INTEREST in ketogenic diet. And no help with it. they would not prescribe the extra medication that Thomas Seyfried says is needed. About a year of two after the mastectomy, the cancer returned in liver and other places and she died. I’m very interested in the research from Hungary that Mikhaila posted. I think the ketogenic diet kept my daughter alive for at 3-5 years longer than she would have lived otherwise.

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