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    Adam Jackson


    First time trying this diet. All of it appeals to me. I am getting pretty confused with all of the searching. There are people saying that they are on this carnivore diet and some are saying only beef.

    Can someone please give me a list of things that I can eat and what seasoning I can use?

    Just to clarify, people are on the BEEF only diet correct?

    I’m just looking for a list of things I can have if it is the beef only diet. I know it sounds like I’m retarded.

    Is it just fatty beef, whenever you get hungry. Cook it with light salt and thats it?


    Adam Jackson

    Also, how much fat am I supposed to eat?

    Is it like 80/20 ground beef?


    natalie taylor

    Hi Adam, hopefully you have your answer by now. I just started the diet, and just beef was too hard to start with, for me, so I added eggs, mayo, butter, heavy cream, coffee and chicken just to help get through the rough patch in the beginning.

    So according to The Carnivore diet, adding those extra foods is phase 1. Phase three in only beef, not even salt. I think it’s supposed to be 80% calories from fat and 20% from protein, from my understanding.

    I hope you’re doing better on the diet than I am. It’s REALLY hard in the beginning. I’m only on day three, and wanting to throw in the towel already Lol.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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