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    verysick person

    I’m 2 months zerocarb now without improvements in my skin problems, will it heal eventually?


    Kyle Bloch

    I’ve been on the Carnivore diet for a week now and my Guttate Psoriasis has got worse. I intend to push on and complete a full month however I am becoming dispirited. Will it get worse before it gets better? Or could you offer some advice going forward. I can imagine @verysick person’s diapondency at their stage without results.

    All the best



    verysick person

    at the r/zerocarb forum some said it took 3 months or longer for their skin issues to get better


    Jered Sellers

    It took over a month for mine to mostly go away. The Eczema/psoriasis then kind of started resembling Rosacea. Now, on day 45, it is completely gone. Just some places that are not smooth to the touch. Visually you can’t tell.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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