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    Laurence Ion

    I’ve been doing pure carnivore for over 2.5 months for chronic joint pain (due to MHE exostoses and other structure/deformity problems) and haven’t felt any pain relief. ZERO.

    Should I try something else? My ankle is very inflammated.

    Interesting: a steroid injection took 95% of the pain away for 24 hours, but obviously not sustainable. Did it to test if inflammation was the cause.

    Shouldn’t beef, water & salt decrease inflammation? I’ve only eaten ribeyes and fat and sometimes a burger. Grass fed most of the time.

    Also I feel more tired and more hungry than ketogenic (mostly salmon, avocado, tuna, salad, peanuts, almonds etc)

    I’m stuck, don’t know what to do.

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    verysick person

    might be something else you have consumed? from my experience though if your condition is very severe, 2.5 months might not be long enough to get symptom free, i’d recommend you stick with it a bit longer


    Laurence Ion

    NOTHING else consumed, except at the beginning melatonin and la croix, but not in the past 1-2 months


    verysick person

    well i’d give it some more time, i’m now almost 3 months into it (first month it was still smoking cigarettes though) and i’m still not 100% better.

    you could try fasting but ‘disclaimer’: i’m not a doctor.

    when exactly did you stop melatonin and la croix (sparkling water?).

    maybe you can also ask on where 1000’s of people eat a zerocarb diet.


    Laura McAinsh

    I’m not a doctor, not sure what you should do. But introducing one food at a time back into your diet, might be of benefit. Be sure to space them out 2 weeks apart so you know what’s causing what.Good luck

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