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    Bitch Face

    I found myself on a low carb diet because I cannot seem to find a lot of readily available food that doesn’t contain carbs… I would love to be on all meat only one day but I find that a day job makes it hard to change habits (for me at least). I’m posting in case there is something that someone knows that I dont and hoping that person is kind enough to take the time to give me that good advice … in the interim I’m curious about how to balance a low carb diet as I do not eat fruit or take supplements… I was wondering if I was actually causing myself more harm by not cutting carbs entirely… carbs I eat bi daily ish are: asparagus,peanut butter, and corn tortilla chips…. my body seems fine I have only 1 health complaint regarding my active perineal dermatitis…it comes back when I have sugar or heavy carbs…


    Fahad Leo

    Corn and peanut butter are poison


    Kurt Burns

    So, I actually stumbled upon a “low-carb” diet when I used to smoke and my life was very stressful; an “odd combination” (right!? ;-P) but it’s how I came to it. The smoking curbed my appetite enough for me that I started only eating once a day; which was the key (for me) — FASTING! Now, I eat once a day (at dinner time usually) – this part is actually harder to do than dropping the carbs and sugar! (lucky for me, I never have eaten very much sugar or bread, but I do love pasta) so that was hard. But as Mikhaila references, after the first few weeks or so, it actually gets MUCH easier. I have ZERO energy problems (as a matter of fact – now when I eat carbs – it puts me to sleep and I don’t have any energy!) So my recommendation would be reduce your diet, but also TRY reducing the number of times you eat BUT don’t starve yourself. Eat once, if you can, but eat what you want in the meat spectrum, and enough to make you happily full (the ZEN in me suggests 80% of full is optimal.) Now – unlike Mikhaila and co., I do still eat/drink dairy, but this is where you have to experiment with what your body likes and doesn’t like. For ME, meat, cheese and milk (hence low-not-no carbs) are fine. As a matter of fact – the cheese tends to help bind me a bit so I can “move” very regular and regularly. I also drink, but it’s very focused and, again, seems to work for me and my system. I drink very specific brands and types of liquor that seem to work fine for me and I don’t ever get hangovers. Also, I only drink ONE specific beer (when I drink beer and it’s NOT American piss water). Ultimately, I have found that, by doing the work to test yourself, it is really the only way to find your path. I lost over 40 pounds when I switched over and have been able to maintain a very healthy weight for my build on-going. I hope this gives you some tips to try and I wish you the best.

    Thank you Mikhaila for setting up this forum for folks to share their successes and ideas!


    Cary Strickland

    Kurt! Man very similar to my journey!
    To anyone that is embarking on a low carb quest, FASTING AND INTERMITTENT FASTING!!that is what has really affected me most significantly!I learned to listen to my body!
    So over the last 2 years now I have lost 150 pounds I was 320 lbs at my heaviest and am maintaining 165-175 lbs. Started calisthenics about 8-9 months ago and have accomplished my first pullup last week August 27th a day I will never forget.Never looking back my friends never!!! Cheers!


    Cary Strickland

    Anyone who is wanting info on fasting
    Look up Dr Jason Fung . Mike M from high intensity health ,Thomas DeLauer , great content on all things fasting!


    Jennifer Leonard

    Several folks in my office got on a Keto diet about 5 months ago after watching The Magic Pill on Netflix. Having a work buddy who will do it with you would be a huge help! I am down 20 pounds, another coworker almost 30, and one who did it for mental clarity and memory has improved both. The change in mood, mental clarity, sleep quality, and overall feeling of well-being is so worth it.

    I followed it strictly at first, tracking my macros with MyFitnessPal (highly recommended), until my cravings for “bad” foods disappeared and my tastes adjusted to not wanting sugar. Then I just kept eating all of the things I knew were OK. Kurt is so right about the intermittent fasting too, I have joined my husband doing that in addition and have seen even MORE improvements! I eat my first meal no earlier 1 or 2pm, and then make sure to finish eating dinner by 7pm. It’s also much easier to just plan 1 or 2 meals!

    At my office, we alternate bringing in Keto food to share, and have gotten good at the “what fast food can we eat” game – Taco Bell without tortillas, beans, or potatoes (we just get taco supremes and dump them in a bowl!), burgers or chicken sandwiches with bacon and cheese without buns, salads with meat and no croutons. In a pinch, I’ll pick up some beef jerky with the lowest carbs I can find, or some hardboiled eggs, or a cheese stick. I would definitely swap the peanut butter for almond butter, and you can bake slices of cheese for about 10 minutes at 400 for a crunch chip alternative!

    It takes some adjustments and getting used to, but I really can’t express how worth it all the effort is. Hopefully some of this is helpful!


    Kurt Burns

    Thanks for the shout-out! 🙂 I don’t have the same issues as our host Mikhaila, but what I absolutely agree with her on is: her advice on “This works for me BUT… – just try it out for your self…” It is critical that folks test options and find the right mix for their bodies. This means fasting, dietary content, vitamins/supplements – I am NOT a doctor; just a doer and simply want to help encourage folks to “try for them selves” – learn about your body – it will tell you what it wants AND what it doesn’t – learning to read your body is so important to a healthy life – and it’s not that hard. Cheers and live strong in mind, body & spirit!


    Eldon Canady

    corn totilla chips does not sound low carb. Anything with
    cereal grains is going to be high carb. Some tips, if you
    have to do lunch at work, something like a V8, and some
    meat works good.

    One benefit of low carb is that headaches will probably
    disappear if you have them. My first venture into low
    carb back about 40 years, I cut down to about 25 grams
    of carbs a day, and my headaches disappeared. I had
    them fairly often through my life up until then, like
    maybe once week. I have talked to others that reported
    the same thing cutting out carbs left them without headaches
    also. I probably have not had 3 headaches since I went
    low carb, 40 years ago.

    Also beware of vegetable oils. They are often used as salad
    dressing on green salads with meat like steak when going
    low carb, but although fat is good for you, even necessary,
    try to stick to animal fat, best to get it from the meat
    you eat. Most vegetable fats/oils are vaso constrictors,
    that is they constrict your blood vessels and raise blood

    Peanut butter is not really low carb, also unless it is
    natural or organic it will have transfat, which is an
    unnatural fat that is thought to cause a lot of problems.
    peanut oil itself may be okay, in is mono unsaturated,
    I guess similar to olive oil, and they MAY be okay,
    but I don’t know. I avoid them anyway, and try to stick
    to animal fat.

    If you have regularity problems, mixing some fiber in
    your V8, coffee, water or whatever helps.

    A good breakfast, ham and eggs, maybe 6 ounce of V8,
    if you want a little extra fat, maybe some philadelpha
    creme cheese on your ham, ham being very low in fat.
    Best to get your ham from the deli counter, because
    the ham in the meat counters all contain preservatives
    like nitrates. The deli, fully cooked ham is okay,
    but should be eaten within about 6 days.

    lunch at work, maybe an apple, and some meat, or
    a V8.

    Supper – steak, chicken, pork whatever and some
    really low carb vegetables or maybe some supplements.

    Supplements are a good idea if you are not alergic
    to things that might be in them.

    Some years back the Indians of the southwest were
    all dying of diabetes. They found that they could
    completely eliminate that by putting them on an
    almost complete meat diet. and they took vitamin
    and mineral supplements along with the straight
    meat, and were healthy that way.

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