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    Levi van Tricht

    Hi all,

    I’m currently experiencing an autoimmune flair-up due to trying out raw milk. I’m now 18 days in and still experiencing symptoms, some of which have resurfaced after being absent for a few days. It left me wondering if I somehow fucked up again.

    How long did your autoimmune reaction last, and what symptoms did you experience (especially near the end of the reaction)?


    joel cyr

    Me personally, my reactions seem to be on a different time frame than everybody elses. I usually react to things faster than everyone, but my body seems to settle down quicker than other people.

    For me, the worst reaction I had when I was testing out some foods was when I had some cow kefir. I actually felt amazing that same day, but within a day or two I was having really bad depressive episodes. The iodine in the milk is one potential problem if you have thyroid problems (I have hashimotos and too much iodine is bad for flare-ups).

    I’m sad to hear you reacted to raw dairy. I was considering trying that to see if I would be able to drink it without a reaction, so we’ll see about that.

    In terms of length of flare up, there are two things that seem to help. Sauna’s/anti-inflammatory foods, and possibly fasting.

    Eating anti-inflammatory foods always helped me a little bit, and saunas seem to have a similar anti-inflammatory effect (though, don’t fast and use the sauna at the same time unless you’re supplementing with electrolytes. You’ll sweat out a tonne of them, and you’ll feel even worse).

    I also found eating beef generally just helped my flare-ups fairly quickly, but fasting (at least for me) seems to be one thing that might actually help reduce flare-ups really fast. I’m still experimenting with it, so if you’re interested do it at your own risk, but that’s one possible route that helps reduce flare-ups fast.


    John Doe

    I’m not yet doing the all beef diet, but on a close to zero carb diet, fasting reduced my issues within 24 hours. That is water and maybe salt only.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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