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    Brett Vilnis

    My family come from Latvia and I’m the first generation born in Australia growing up chewing on smoked pork, eel/fish and game meat so going on the carnivore diet seemed natural. I’ve always been flat out sleeping around 4 hours a night with highs and lows that last months which I’ve self managed until recently becoming really scattered so I went to a psychiatrists getting labeled ADHD & Bipolar type II (doctors love labels) After a year of Dexamphetamine, mood stabilizer and Anti-psychotic medication I’m over it.

    So at 53 the aim was to loss weight, flush the body of sugar and toxins then test stopping the drugs. I have a busy life so I’m drinking extreme Keto high protein with fat supplement drink twice during the morning, natural grass feed fatty scotch fillet meat for dinner, lunch when I can and all meat on weekends.

    Now we have the background his the story moving forward, week four into the diet(three days ago) I developed a rash on my chest and back, 24 hours later its covering almost 100% of my body. Went to the doctor this morning and was prescribed Prednisone, 7 hours later the rash is still there but the sting and itch has gone, seems to working.

    Researching online many say at 3-4 weeks your body goes into full Ketosis which in rare cases can cause the “Keto Rash” on your chest and back, in really really rare cases can cover most of your body, lucky me! but almost all cases it will past although some suffer the rash for months with a recommendation of introducing carbs again.

    The plan is to get sausages made with 80% grass feed beef, 12% organ meat and 8% extra fat, start taking a multivitamin and fish oil tablets plus adding some cheese and eggs.

    Besides the rash I haven’t felt this good since my teens and lost 10kg in three weeks.

    Some feedback on my diagnosis and remedy would be greatly welcomed.

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    • This topic was modified 7 months, 2 weeks ago by  Brett Vilnis.
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