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    Erika Johnson

    My name is Ericka and I have IBS and SIBO and have been dealing with this for over 20 years at this point. I am lactose intolerant but it has gone to be food intolerant all around. I can’t eat much of anything without going to the restroom halfway through the meal. I have started the meat diet but I am having issues with the fat from the meat now. I just want to be able to eat something and not feel bloated or have to run to the restroom.


    joel cyr

    Maybe this is a bad suggestion, but maybe you could try converting to an all-meat diet very slowly.

    I’ve had a very difficult time converting to all-meat, but when I first started an elimination diet I basically only ate 5 things: Chicken breasts, beef, organic sweet potatoes, coconut oil/olive oil, and organic broccoli (though I ended up ‘cheating’ on some other organic vegetables and some supplements). It took a while to adapt to that diet but after a while I felt significantly better, but I wanted to feel even better so I’ve been working on trying to convert to all meat over the past week or two which was significantly harder than the previous diet. (I should mention, I don’t have IBS, but I’m fairly confident I had/have SIBO because of some horrible trips to the hospital I had. I’m just waiting to see a gastroenterologist to confirm it).

    I’m curious, what was a doctor’s explanation about what causes you to go to the bathroom so much? I wonder if there’s any other stuff at play. Have you ever tried a low FODMAP’s diet? Hope this helps.


    Erika Johnson

    I have decided to also try this all meat diet slowly. I have decided to take out most of the high fat meats since they are the ones that I can’t seem to digest very well and just do more of a lean meat. I to eat a few veggies but not much at all seeing as they are a big reason for my bathroom issues. I have for the most part taken out dairy all together. I am lactose intolerant big time. I also can’t handle soy or gluten. So my diet is small as it is.
    I did try the FODMAP diet and it just didn’t work for me.
    The reason for my constant bathroom usage is I have IBSD, and so what I eat seems to irritate my colon and make it work overtime. He tried these pills that were to relax my colon but they made me very sleepy and that didn’t help going to work.
    So I have noticed that if I eat just plan meat not a lot of stuff on it at all I’m good to go.
    I think I will keep this up and see how I do. And then later introduce other things into my diet. I’m just tired of going to the restroom all the time and not being able to eat anything.

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