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    Linda Harris

    I am very new to this concept but I have always craved beef and am therefore interested. I have two questions to begin with:

    1)How much and often do you eat the beef? I’ve always been taught (and experienced) that a certain number of calories are necessary just to function each day (generally speaking; I know that fasting for a while is okay, too) – but what would you consider the minimum calories for say, a 5’2″ small framed person?

    2) Most traditional nutritionists say that one cannot exist on an all meat diet for extended periods of time. I read where you disagree with this, but do you have evidence (even anecdotal) for this? I recall the story of the young man who died in the Alaskan wilderness and they have claimed it was because he lived totally on meat.


    Jennifer Lechner

    Hi, Linda! Eat as much as youre hungry for. It’s good to aim for 1.5 pounds of meat a day, two pounds if you can manage it. If you’re hungry for more, go for it!

    There are thousands of people online who have done carnivore/zero carb long term. You can look for facebook groups with “carnivore” or “zero carb” in the name. There are people who have done this for over a decade. Also try for testimonials about what eating only meat has done for people. It’s astonishing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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