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    Jake Hooper

    Afternoon everyone,

    I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis a while back. Doctors put me on Humira and later Enbrel. I got some relief from it but its definitely some pricey stuff and the side effects are worse than the original problem. Doctor even said it would eventually stop working as well. I too realized it was all about what I ate. Some foods put me in bed for a week if not a month.

    The worst part is the mental heaviness/fog/lack of motivation. I have done tons of research, taken all manners of supplements and herbal things with some beneficial effects, but still just not enough improvement. Stumbled across Keto and finally this Carnivore meat only approach.

    I’m ready to give this meat thing a try or inevitably get a shovel and start digging my own grave. My biggest problem is convincing my family to stop offering things that cause flare ups. They are stuck on the conventional wisdom though and won’t listen to me and my research. They say things like you get that idea off the internet? lol

    I guess I just have to be strong enough to say no while I eat up all the meat in the freezer. lol

    My hope is to meet some like minded people to support each other and exchange the things we have learned.

    Hope you all have a great day today,

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