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    Harry Binios

    Hello everybody

    I just wanted to say that I am thinking of trying the carnivore diet, after I heard Mikhaila on the Joe Rogan podcast

    The main factor for me is that I too sleep way too many hours a day and I can’t seem to get enough rest. It’s the only time I have heard somebody else describe the same condition as a problem. Everytime I mention it to someone they just dismiss it by saying ” yeah I know that’s the adult life etc”. But they don’t understand the severity of my condition and it’s difficult to describe it to someone who doesn’t face the same problem. At this point, fatigue is starting to build up and I figure well at least let me try that diet.

    I’m still gathering information about the diet and plan to start sometime in the next two months (immediate change of eating habits is not an option right now)

    Also, I would like to mention the story of one odd fellow who ate meat exclusively for 2/3 of his life. We’re talking about 40 years of consistent, strictly meat diet. His name was Augustus Owsley Stanley III, aka ” Bear” or just Owsley. There is a book written on him and his life by Robert Greenfield titled ” Bear”. The book revolves mainly around his life as king of LSD in the 60s and sound guy for the Grateful Dead, but don’t dismiss it already. What is interesting about him is that although he was part of the flower power and animal rights generation he somehow chose to eat strictly meat because he felt it was healthier. Worth looking into.


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