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    Gregory Jantzen

    So I haven’t tried Keto in a while. But when I did try it it was the only time in my life my ocd and tics along with social anxiety completely went away(read profile). The only problem was I had serious brain fog and felt really mentally lethargic. Not physically. My muscles seemed to have more energy and didn’t “burn” so easily as they do on a regular diet. But my brain was just mush. Any ideas?


    joel cyr

    Not sure if this will work for you, but the most significant factors I noticed in helping me with brain fog were when I had omega-3 supplments high in EPA/DHA along with a b100 supplement. I felt tip top cognitively. I’m partially experimenting with all meat now to see if I experience the same nootropic effects.


    Sascha Heid

    Brain fog was my biggest issue since forever and the solution for me is really fatty meat. If i have beef i add tallow because here in germany beef ain’t that fatty. Even better though is fatty pork-belly from my farmer. Its high quality, really fatty and still very affordable. Please give it a try, brain fog sucks.


    Steven Hancock

    As Mikhaila has so inspiringly demonstrated, you have to find your own way of sorting yourself out, therefore all I can humbly say here is what worked for me.

    For me I think two things worked, the first was magnesium supplements. It looks like cellular functions improve while in ketosis; magnesium plays a crucial intracellular role, and so the requirement for it goes up. However I’m very sensitive to magnesium, and found that normal magnesium supplements (even a quarter of a tab) gave me diarrhoea so I recommend either SloMag or (these worked best for me) Jigsaw MagSRT.
    Low magnesium can manifest itself as muscle cramps.
    There’s a link between low potassium and low magnesium, so try to look after electrolyte levels in general.

    Low sodium appears to have been the biggest cause of my brain fog though. I found that eating a small amount of salt almost immediately removed any fog. High carb diets cause the kidneys to retain salt, but whilst in ketosis kidneys work more effectively and so flush salt (and excess water hence loss of some bloating) out of the system. Therefore it has to be replaced more frequently.
    I started off by learning how much salt already existed in the foods that I eat, and then slowly adding more salt to my food to bring my consumption up to three to five grams a day. For accuracy of salt dosage I used a sensitive set of scales to get an idea of what a gram looks like.

    Perhaps use Grey/Celtic salt or similar – white rock or sea salt has had all the other minerals removed to make it white, another great example of man thinking it knows better than nature! Grey salt is grey simply because the other minerals are left in and not processed out; it tastes the same, and can be used as a cooking or finishing salt.

    I’m not sure if this is interesting or not, but the Inuits know exactly which ice to melt for cooking meat in – fresh ice is too salty, whereas old ice having lost some of its salt content is perfect.
    They also drink the blood of freshly killed animals to obtain it.
    Wars have been fought over the stuff, and the word salary comes from salt (sal), literally salt money, a Roman soldiers allowance for the purchase of salt.

    I know salt has been demonised, but my blood pressure remained ideal even as I increased the level. If too much salt is consumed whilst in ketosis, a thirst will be generated, and as the kidneys are now working well they’ll quickly flush out the excess…provided you stay hydrated.

    It’s all quite interesting really, a friend of mine needs no extra supplements, and I’ve seen that Mikhaila doesn’t need extra salt, but I’m dead without both! Seems like a bit of trial and error is needed, it might be a combination of things that gets results. Best of luck with it.

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