This Modern Life…(‘s) diet is killing me

I am 35 years old, a female and there’s just a ton of swelling throughout my whole body. It is mostly localized in my uterus (my husband and I have figured out that much) and have ruled out the most normal (I say normal, because for me right now it would feel normal to have the whatever-thing that is wrong with me to actually have a name, like ulcerative colitis or chron’s. (Both of which are horrible auto-immune diseases that I am not trying to make light of.) I have this swelling that is always present, but tends not to swell AS much when I eat well; whole, balanced meals. Perhaps when our insurance situation is better we can have more access to doctors that can actually look at what is going on.

Carnivore Diet 2 Months In

Been eating relatively healthly my whole life avoiding high sugar foods most the time.(candy, ice cream, Donuts, soft drinks etc.) I suffered from mild anxiety and concentration issues my whole life. Been on s few SSRI’s but do not take any Meds anymore.