Blurb from 2014 on Depression – What Depression Is Like

I wrote this after an argument with a friend where I was told having depression was basically whining. August 20, 2014 You know what sucks? Arthritis. Pain. Multiple joint replacements. Weekly injections. Chronic pain. Not being able to run or do sports. You know what’s worse? Depression. The depression I have feels like my close friend died last month and no matter what fun thing I do there’s still the underlying grief there, all the time. I can laugh at something Read More

Newest attempts at food reintroductions

cocoa – Didn’t seem to do much, but completely got rid of my appetite. On this diet, there isn’t much we’re eating that’s high calorie, so getting rid of your appetite isn’t a great idea. It didn’t seem to do anything else negative though! So cocoa seems okay. Remember to get sugar free and organic. stevia – gross. I hate it. I think it made me feel weird, but I also don’t like it so I’m not going to try Read More

Top foods to avoid (if you don’t want to do an elimination diet)

If doing an all out elimination diet isn’t feasible for you, or if you’re relatively healthy and just looking to improve your energy or lose a few pounds, avoid these foods: Gluten – You know those stereotypical Californian girls who don’t eat gluten “because it makes you fat” but they don’t exactly know what it is? Well they were right anyways. He who laughs last right? Anyways, gluten is composed of two proteins, gliadin and glutenin. It looks like gliadin Read More

Jordan Peterson’s Diet – September 2017

Dad suffered from a number of health problems. He had GERD, minor psoriasis, mouth ulcers, fatigue and had an extremely hard time losing weight. He stopped eating desserts, went without sugar, and tried exercising. The worst health problem was severe depression. It seems to run in our family. When I started figuring out my problems were caused by food, and my depression lifted, I convinced dad to go on the same diet. The first year he lost 50 pounds. No Read More

Probiotics and problems that can come with them

If you’ve read my other blog posts, I’ve mentioned a bad reaction to probiotics. I was hoping it was the strands that I was taking because the reaction has happened a number of times. This is what happens I start a high dose of probiotics (generally acidophilus is the main strain) – don’t do this if you’re sensitive 2-3 days later I’m an emotional disaster, my skin starts breaking out, my digestion gets destroyed (diarrhea). I take a break for Read More

How is it normal to feel after cutting out foods?

You won’t feel better right away. The first two weeks can be hard. Sugar cravings (carbs, chips, soda, sugar) and dairy cravings (cheese) are intense. I also had soy cravings. These fade off in a couple of weeks but don’t underestimate them. Make sure you eat enough. If you’re craving foods just eat more. It doesn’t get rid of the cravings but it helps, and then you won’t be as likely to cave when you get hungry. I started feeling Read More

Antidepressants – “Natural” and Otherwise

I was on antidepressants for over a decade. They probably saved my life. If you’re taking them and want to try eliminating food, keep taking them until you feel like the depression/anxiety is gone, don’t stop first. I could tell when I could stop taking them even though I hadn’t had a break in over 10 years. If you suffer from anxiety or depression but you find it’s fairly manageable (or you can survive without antidepressants), I highly recommend 5 Read More

Should you start an elimination diet? (How to begin a month long elimination diet)

Looking back on how I did my elimination diet, I can see a number of things I did wrong. This is a post describing how I would do an elimination diet now (pretty much what I’m doing now anyways). This might seem extremely strict… and it is. Not much I can say about that except that it’s only a month, and you might be able to reintroduce most things back in right away. This is the diet that helped my Read More

More good news (olives!! and probiotics and activated charcoal)

This has been my diet for the last month and a half: Lettuce Cilantro Beef Chicken Collard greens Apple cider vinegar Coconut oil Olive oil A ton of salt. REALLY boring. But everything else (so it seemed) was giving me arthritis, skin issues, itchy skin, and depression. As you know, I cut out fish in April… and before that I cut out turmeric. I cut out everything I could think of that might be giving me issues. And I got Read More

New theory

Brace yourselves, this is a long one. For the last – almost 2 years, wow – I’ve been randomly cutting out foods and listening hard to my body’s response. Most of the reactions have been seemingly random. Some have been obvious looking back but not obvious at the time. This has been such a random and confusing process. My dad is doing the same thing as me as he seems to have a similar problem. I’ve been asked “how does this make Read More