C. Diff Test Results

So this is funny in a “lol at Mikhaila’s life” kind of way. I wrote the following on Feb 25, 2019, last week. Then I got results back for something else that completely scratch this theory. I’ll write about what that is this week, Sunday hopefully, and make a video too. I don’t want to get into it on this post. I thought I’d put this post from last week up anyway. Trying to figure out what is making you Read More

Part of the food mystery potentially solved?

So like I wrote in this blog post, I have been searching for the underlying cause of what my and my father’s problems are. Why we can’t eat anything except for meat without having serious autoimmune and mood problems. I haven’t gotten less sensitive on this diet so it’s not purely a gut healing problem. Guess what I tested positive for? C. Difficile. I tested for Lyme (waiting for results), and some other things, but I also tested for C. Read More

Probiotics And Problems That Can Come With Them

If you’ve read my other blog posts, I’ve mentioned a bad reaction to probiotics. I was hoping it was the strands that I was taking because the reaction has happened a number of times. This is what happens I start a high dose of probiotics (generally acidophilus is the main strain) – don’t do this if you’re sensitive 2-3 days later I’m an emotional disaster, my skin starts breaking out, my digestion gets destroyed (diarrhea). I take a break for Read More

New Theory

Brace yourselves, this is a long one. For the last – almost 2 years, wow – I’ve been randomly cutting out foods and listening hard to my body’s response. Most of the reactions have been seemingly random. Some have been obvious looking back but not obvious at the time. This has been such a random and confusing process. My dad is doing the same thing as me as he seems to have a similar problem. I’ve been asked “how does this make Read More

The Hygiene Hypothesis and where it goes wrong

I had a school assignment where I had to disagree or agree with the hygiene hypothesis. Obviously most people in my class agreed with it. I think it’s a seriously flawed hypothesis. The assignment is shown below (and my response) Read these two articles about the hygiene hypothesis. Form an opinion (250 words max. Please ignore the error in word-count for this assignment found at the end of Module 4), citing information from the articles, about whether or not you Read More

The Diet

Hi! My name is Mikhaila Peterson. I’m a 26 year old mother (and loving it!). I live in Toronto. Short background on me: I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis when I was 7 years old. My parents think it started when I was around 2 noticing the way I walked. I was the first child in Canada to be put on injections of Enbrel, an immune suppressant. I was also put on injections of Methotrexate. In grade 5, when Read More