YouTube Video with Depression to Expression

HERE‘s the video that Scott Ste Marie made on his YouTube channel Depression to Expression. I really enjoyed speaking with Scott. He has a channel devoted to helping people with one of the most crippling illnesses there is, and I think that’s very valiant. I also think he should try the diet.   🙂   Hope everyone’s doing well! Sorry about the lack of updates, I will catch up this next week!

Speaking at Paleo f(x) in Austin in April!!

Hey guys, I’m speaking (and going to) Paleo f(x) in Austin this year.  April 27-29. There are going to be a number of really smart people there – Mercola (I know there are skeptics but he’s worth listening to – or, like me, you can write him off as a quack and then realize 10 years later you were wrong…), Chris Kresser, David Perlmutter, Sarah Ballantyne, Robb Wolff, Dennis McKenna even! I’m really looking forward to it. I believe I’m Read More

TVO Segments on Depression

I figured this should go on the blog. That video, from The Agenda with Steve Paikin, is before I knew about diet at all. I was in rough shape to be completely honest. See for yourself. A video from a couple of years later is here. If I were to do a video now, I’d be even clearer. That was when I was still reacting to some foods. I had improved drastically but I was still anxious and a bit Read More