Debunked – The China Study

I’m going to keep this EXTREMELY brief, and very simplified. If it’s too simplified for people’s liking let me know, but I don’t want to bog people down with information. Comment with thoughts, suggestions, other studies you’d like to know about, or more areas to read about the china study. What is The China Study? When discussing an all meat diet, I’ve heard The China Study brought up numerous times. I wouldn’t say all of the science in it is bad, Read More

Debunked – The “Healthy” Low Cholesterol Myth

“I can’t eat meat, my cholesterol goes up!” “I’m on statins to lower my cholesterol levels. I’m supposed to avoid eating fats.” “Eating fat increases your risk of heart disease.” Nope. First off, here’s a short background on cholesterol: What is cholesterol? First, let’s discuss lipoproteins. A lipoprotein is basically a regular cell membrane mixed with different types of proteins (apolipoproteins). Lipoproteins transport different fat-soluble substances (including fat-soluble vitamins, cholesterol, and triglycerides) in the bloodstream. Cholesterol is a fatty substance carried Read More

The Meat Dilemma – But what about the animals?!

When I was 15 someone told me that someone they knew lived near a slaughterhouse and a pig farm. The slaughterhouse would come pick up the pigs every 2 weeks. Apparently, the pigs would start screaming the night before, because they knew they were going somewhere bad. Now that story is probably completely false, but it hit a nerve. I researched what kind of intelligence pigs had and decided to stop eating pork. I haven’t eaten pork since I was Read More

The Diet – Updated March 2018

Jordan Peterson’s Diet (extremely low carb): Meats: turkey beef chicken lamb duck wild game is fine too, elk, moose, etc. wild salmon tuna – check the ingredients! Get stuff that’s just tuna and water and perhaps salt. organ meat – chicken liver tastes the best I find wild herring – check the ingredients! wild sardines – check the ingredients! Veggies: lettuce arugula arugula microgreens (arugula sprouts) cucumber swiss chard seaweed –check the ingredients! this is hard to find without soy and other things. Read More

How to Save Your Teeth

Bleeding gums, tender gums, discoloured teeth, mouth ulcers and bad breath are all signs of food intolerances. If you have bad teeth, chances are you’re eating foods that don’t agree with you, it’s not just “bad genetics”. This is fixable but do it ASAP because enamel damage doesn’t heal – the gum problems heal. Dad as an example: Dad had gum disease and receding gums. He used a water pick to help but his teeth weren’t in good shape. He has Read More

Zero Carb – What Type of Meat Do I Get?

I’ve been scrolling through comments and there have been a number of questions about what type of meat I’m eating.  Sorry I don’t get to them all, I’m super busy and there are a lot of comments. They’re great to read but I’m too slow to keep up! A couple of things: I try to buy antibiotic/hormone free grass-fed beef as much as I can. Ribeye is my favourite, but I’ll also eat blade roasts (they’re fattier), and ground beef. Read More

What to Do If You’re on Medication

Here’s what I did: Just before I started playing around with diet I was on: Enbrel (a TNF blocker and immune suppressant) Methotrexate (immune suppressant) Seasonal (birth control) 40 mg Cipralex (depression) Minocycline (skin issues) Dapsone (skin issues) 40 mg Adderall (for hypersomnia) T3 (for arthritic and ankle pain) Gravol – nonprescription – to sleep from the Adderall a couple more every now and then I was having arthritic symptoms even while taking the immune suppressants I was on, so I was Read More

Jan 11 Super Quick Update

Hi everyone!! I’m sorry for such a long hiatus a bunch of things happened. I got a reallllly nasty cold. I was sick for 15 days, Scarlett got sick too but was only sick for 9. Super scary. I was all worried about bronchitis and antibiotics and god knows what, but we both survived and recovered, antibiotic free. I started taking a puffer because of the cold. I’m used to colds going into my lungs and turning into pneumonia… it happens Read More

December Update – Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone is doing great and not overloading themselves on gluten… First, thanks everyone for the continued support. It’s great to see all the comments and interest. Thank you so much to the people on Patreon! It’s incredibly encouraging and definitely makes me feel better about spending time on this blog. If I don’t get to your comment here, it’s because I’m overloaded, I’ll try to get to it eventually! Or try to Read More