Jan 11 Super Quick Update

Hi everyone!! I’m sorry for such a long hiatus a bunch of things happened. I got a reallllly┬ánasty cold. I was sick for 15 days, Scarlett got sick too but was only sick for 9. Super scary. I was all worried about bronchitis and antibiotics and god knows what, but we both survived and recovered, antibiotic free. I started taking a puffer because of the cold. I’m used to colds going into my lungs and turning into pneumonia… it happens Read More

December Update – Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone is doing great and not overloading themselves on gluten… First, thanks everyone for the continued support. It’s great to see all the comments and interest. Thank you so much to the people on Patreon! It’s incredibly encouraging and definitely makes me feel better about spending time on this blog. If I don’t get to your comment here, it’s because I’m overloaded, I’ll try to get to it eventually! Or try to Read More

Probiotics with NOTHING Added

I finally found some probiotics with no additives. A powder. And alas, it’s only available in the States. I have to wait for my parents to go there and bring it back ­čÖü I’m going to add probiotics to my daughter’s food when she starts eating solid food. Have to get that microbiome healthier ASAP.┬á I’m using something similar to Natasha Campbell-McBride’s way to introduce food for babies. (She’s famous for the GAPS diet). I’ll be starting with bone broth Read More

What Does A Typical Breakfast Look Like?

Hate to break it to everyone looking at this blog but, we don’t do breakfast foods. “What do you do for breakfast?” is probably the number 1 question I’m asked. Basically…. We don’t do breakfast. I used to eat cheese and toast and eggs. Now that I can’t eat any of those we eat: Chicken wings, stew, salad, turkey dinner, leftovers, etc. Breakfast is the same as any other meal we eat. Out are smoothies, eggs, cereal, and god forbid Read More

Scientific Article Hypothesizing EXACTLY My Hypothesis on Food Reactions

Okay, first, I don’t want to take responsibility for this hypothesis because obviously other people have come to the same conclusions. But I did come to this conclusion a couple of years ago and its suuuuper exciting to see other people writing about it. Here‘s the link the paper, the abstract is pretty good… But if you want to read the whole thing you can go to this sneaky Russian website and download it free by putting in the URL Read More

How To Help With Reaction/Mood Symptoms

When I test out a food and it goes badly, or if I accidentally consume something that I react to, there are a number of things I can do that can ease the recovery. Infrared Saunaing – see my blog post. I’ll sauna every day, and if it’s a bad reaction, twice a day between days 8-13 (after the consumption of the food). I usually stop saunaing at about day 16. Activated Charcoal – if I know right away I’ve Read More

Infrared Saunaing – Basically The Greatest Thing Ever

When I react to something, I use an infrared sauna. I’m super lucky to have access to one. I would say it improves my mood by about 20%, as well as energy levels, and gets rid of the itching I get from these reactions as well. I sit in there for 30-40 minutes. I’m not sure if it’s removing the toxins that make me feel better, or if┬áit does some sort of mitochondrial invigoration… Christine is my dad’s grad student Read More

Do You Suffer From Cracked Heels?

Good news! Your feet aren’t dry. It’s not from wearing “bad shoes”, they don’t need moisturizer, and Lufa isn’t going to help. Fortunately, it’s easier than that. This actually wasn’t even a food problem for me. It was a chemical problem. Soaps made by the companies Palmolive (and I also believe Dove), seriously irritate my skin.┬áMom and Dad both had cracked heels too which resolved when they changed shampoos and soaps. I just suggested to one of my friends that Read More

Filtered Water

I used to scoff at filtered water, and I actually liked the taste of tap water better. Actually at the beginning of the diet when I was paranoid about everything I was eating, Andrey (my husband) told me not to drink tap water and I basically told him he was the paranoid one… Be very careful about what you scoff at, I swear every single thing I’ve scoffed at I now believe -_-. I haven’t done much research into why Read More


The good news is, even though we are so sensitive to food, alcohol doesn’t seem to be a problem! Rejoice in small miracles. The bad news is its dependant on the type of alcohol.   Here are the ones that are okay: Whiskey (Bourbon and American Whiskey labeled “straight” whiskey. Most other whiskeys have caramel colouring┬ámade from burnt sugars.) Vodka – Make sure it’s unflavoured. Ciroc (original) is excellent. The above doesn’t┬ámake us react because they’ve been distilled so many Read More