Not at Paleo fx

Hey everyone, I can’t make it to Paleo fx this year. I really wanted to go but had to cancel my tickets and everything last minute. Family emergency. I’ll be there next year and I’ll be there for keto fx in July. I’m really sorry! I was really looking forward to meeting everyone and the weather 🙂

Butcher Box for Canadians = TruLocal

Hey guys! Main info: MIKHAILARIBEYE promo code for TruLocal As you know, I’ve advertised for Butcher Box before. For people in America it’s a great option for sustainable meat options you can order straight to your door. You can cancel any time, and you get a couple of free steaks when you order with me. (Although right now you get a 4lb New York striploin free!) But what about us Canadians? Well TruLocal is honestly AMAZING. I generally don’t like Read More

Bad(ish) News – Spoke Too Soon – Minor Reaction to Antibiotics

Hey everyone, I’m still not depressed from the antibiotics I’ve been taking but I did wake up with quite a bit of joint pain. Like I wrote yesterday, I’ve been taking antibiotics for a week now and last week the tablets were full of gross ingredients like vanilla flavouring, orange dye, starch, sodium laurel sulfate (ick), etc. I found a capsule version instead of a tablet version (those usually have fewer fillers), and have been using gelatin capsules but they Read More

Update February 2019 After Ankle Surgery

Holy smokes guys that month was a wild ride but I’m back! If you don’t want to read about ankle surgery this is what’s coming soon: Coming soon: A year on the all-beef blood-work Microbiome test comparison before and after FMT (need to do the test first but I’m really looking forward to this) Surgery in Switzerland: Surgery went really well. I was awake during it which was honestly incredibly scary. I was very happy to avoid the drugs from Read More

Ankle Surgery January 2019

For those of you wondering, I’ve paused my consultations for a while. I really love doing them but I’m swamped. I am writing a book that should be an easier way for people to get the info they need, for a cheaper price. The Carnivore Diet How-To Guide is coming soon! Part of the reason I paused the consults is because I am getting ankle surgery January 15th 2019 in Switzerland. I finally found a surgeon who can supposedly fix Read More

Products for a Heavy Meat Diet

Hi everyone! Happy New Year!!! 2019. Cray. I’ve made this post because it’s World Carnivore Month this January. If you’re looking to give the diet a try, there’s a lot of support out there on social media so why not now! Joe Rogan is even apparently finally giving it a go! Just remember, if you’re trying to get rid of depression or an autoimmune disorder, it’s best to go all meat instead of keeping eggs and dairy. As you guys Read More

December 2018 Life Update

Merry Christmas!!! First things first. 2018 has been the best year of my life. I’ve been basically asymptomatic, off of all medications, and feeling better than I ever thought possible. I haven’t been depressed since last February. That’s coming up on a year free of depression. I literally didn’t think that was possible. This Christmas was the best my Dad and I have felt ever. That should be the takeaway here. It’s winter, we aren’t on antidepressants and we had a Read More

Food Mystery Timeline/Overview 2015-2018

Hey everyone! So I feel great still. It’s been almost a year since I started only eating beef, and things have been consistently improving. I’m still trying to solve the mystery behind my food problems so I’ve written out as much as I can to give myself clues (and anyone else who is also suffering mysteriously). This is a long one, but if people are interested here it is: Initial symptoms in 2015 prior to dietary changes: Ideopathic arthritis – Read More