Back to Consults-ish and Meet-Ups!! – And An October 2019 Update

Hey Everyone,

Long-time no talk.

Couple of updates:

  1. I am redoing this website. It will be sleek and beautiful in about 2 months. Stay tuned for Mikhaila to appear more professional!!
  2. I’m going to be doing a weekly newsletter! If you haven’t signed up for the email list, sign up, please
  3. I’ve started a more intimate group to counsel at Currently, there’s a discount for yearly membership (50$ a month) but as soon as it’s at 100 people, the price will go up to keep numbers down so I can really focus on those members. We’re at 30 people at the moment and we only launched a few days ago!
What will the Lions Lair give you access to? 
    1. A very supportive group of people to heal with. This is key.
    2. Direct daily access to me via a private FB group. Have your questions and concerns addressed right away this way. This is really helpful for first starting your healing process. I would have killed for this 3 years ago.
    3. A tribe, and people to meet. This was part of the main reason for me building the group. I want it to be successful enough so that the people in there have friends to meet when they travel, or in their city, like a gang. People to rely on when you need help. An extended family.
    4. Access to twice yearly in person meetups
    5. A private chat
    6. QandA videos
    7. Videos with meal prep
    8. A private fasting group
    9. You’ll be able to talk to me daily if you need to

What’s the money going towards?

For the last 4 years I’ve been working flat out trying to help my dad with his business, have a toddler, go through a divorce, and help my parents with their health, and heal myself. I’ve been swamped. With extra income I’m hoping to:

  1. Rebuild this website – in the works already!!!
  2. Produce more free content for YouTube and Instagram and FB – this is a full time job
  3. Start a podcast!!!!!
  4. Finish my How To Guide – if I can rely on income from other sources I can spend more time writing and less on business
  5. Finish my autobiography
  6. Spread my story far and wide to heal more people
  7. Start a weekly newsletter

I’m eventually going to set up an option to do 3 installments of payments but for now, it’s one yearly price. The people in the group right now are incredible. Some of their stories are just as crazy as mine. The age range is pretty great, 23- middle-aged at the moment, and people are already talking about meeting up in person! It’s a little gang and I love it.

Check it out, price is lower for the first 100 people, so if you’re interested, take that into consideration.

Hope everyone is doing well!!

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