Two Incorrect Articles from Big Think

Two of those diets aren’t “fad” diets. And the pineapple meat diet is still healthier than the SAD

And this! They quoted a dude who basically said we should be dead in 6 months, over 6 months ago.

One thought on “Two Incorrect Articles from Big Think

  1. I’ve never heard of this website before. I asked friebds other people at work if they’ve heard this website and they said “no”.

    what I learned is each time you display their incorrect information you’re not doing any good trying to discredit them and prove that we are credible and what we do.n in fact all we do is more damage than good each time you or any of us Post these types of articles. You are spreading their misinformation and because our way of eating is questionable it’s easy to just write us off and believe what they are saying.

    For example I was a big supporter of kratom by defending it over the years but then I realized it got to a point that it wasn’t doing anything and in fact the FDA was actually doing this on purpose because they know that we will spread and attack their information trying to defend our information. So I ended up removing myself from the kratom community for almost a year and guess what, I have heard nothing in conversation from Friends, random people, news sites, to the point of nothing But when I get involved into that community the Miss information is spread everywhere throughout the community doingtl their own damage.

    Just think about it, I had no idea about any of this and now that you posted it . Now all these people in this blog is going to read it and then start spreading thet links telling everyone that they are wrong and we are right. It’s no different than and atheist trying to tell believers that Jesus and God is not real.

    My suggestion is to promote and not defend. Don’t get sucked into it because this is what they want m

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