The Daily Beast strikes again!

This is their older article:

One thought on “The Daily Beast strikes again!

  1. People who don’t want to think any of this through thoroughly like to just dump it in a category of a kind of 2 sizes fits all, 1) Right 2) wrong. There that was easy. Liberal or conservative. Neither are a place where the crux of these concepts meet. Most aren’t even related to most of what’s going on, really. It just seems to create a false platform to grandstand from and get attention. But, I understand that’s what writing an article in and of itself, is supposed to hopefully do for the writer. It’s just seems like a lazy recent run of the mill, I’m to lazy to make a valid point so I’ll create categories that are trendy to talk about, make them relative and tie them to something that could affect everyone. So, yeah make sue also to give this Jones guy more press in more articles. Symbiosis exists between all things. Maybe focus on those relationships. If you don’t feed something it dies. Like the Jones guy’s rhetoric and personal agenda.

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