No More Consults – Facebook Group or Instagram Instead

Hey guys,

NEW FACEBOOK GROUP HERE (it’s linked to my page which is here). Give both a like/follow/join if you want to stay connected across the board.

I’m afraid to say I can’t do the consultations anymore. It’s not because of the ridiculous amount of negative press I got for doing them (I don’t care about that), I’m just too busy. I’m working more than full time, doing this on the side, and I have a toddler. I don’t have time anymore. I really enjoyed it. It was crazy hearing from so many people with problems similar to mine. Heartbreaking, but insanely interesting. So thanks everyone who signed up! I’m sorry I can’t do more at the moment. Hopefully in the future.

If you want to get ahold of me or ask questions, the best way to do that would be to follow me on Instagram (linked here). I do QandA’s on there and post them on YouTube (linked here). That might be the best way to get ahold of me.

I’ve also made a Facebook group (I’m phasing out the forum. That was a bad idea considering Facebook is already set up like a forum, so I’m switching things over to there. Linked above and here again). It’ll be way easier to communicate on that platform than here.

I’m hoping that we can have some useful discussions on the FB page, and I can answer easily answered questions, or comment on threads periodically.

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5 thoughts on “No More Consults – Facebook Group or Instagram Instead

    • I feel you. I don’t wear anything other than matte lipstick so it’s very sticky. I wipe it off before I eat anything just incase. Sometimes I only wear lip liner and lanolin too. That’s more common. But the matte lipstick doesn’t really slide around (from Mac), so far so good

      • right, hope it stays that way 🙂

        Btw have you considered your unpleasant stools might be from rendered fat??

        there’s lot of anecdotes about diarrhea from rendered fat on

        The c.diff could be a coincidence not related to the diarrhea though that’s just speculation.

        I’ve been eating all my meat raw since 6 months ago and i had diarrhea maybe 5 times total, aside from that my poops have been very smooth and pleasant.

        good luck and i hope we’ll figure out eventually what causes our guts to be so messed up!

    • It could work with a good team of moderators and a zero-tolerance for trolling and/or vegan spammers.

      I’d volunteer to mod if it was another platform cause i detest facebook

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